Charged more for FBA as customer did not receive order


I am a new Amazon FBA seller and hence quite confused and puzzled - might even have to rethink selling on amazon. I sold a new item on FBA for £14.95. Today I have received an email from seller support that the customer did not receive the order and hence they are refunding £16.45. I don’t understand, if Amazon sent the item and the buyer did not receive it why am I being charged and more than what the item was sold for. Why am I being punished?
Why do I have to take a double loss (cost of lost item and the cost of refund as well). Makes no sense to me.
Can anyone who have been here before advice. I dont know whether to ship 2 boxes which are packed and ready to be sent out if this is what will happen again.

Please advice
Thanks in advance.


Amazon almost always refund buyers straight away after a return request or a complaint.
If for some reason the goods aren’t returned or added back to your FBA inventory within 45 days past the refund date Amazon will automatically reimburse you.
It will happen again, but you are quite safe in sending in your other 2 boxes, just don’t expect at this time of year for them to be booked in quickly.


Thank you, I found the link to FBA returns after some search and now understand the process. I hope it gets returned in a sell-able condition so can go back to inventory. I will send the items, it just came as a surprise as newbee, but on the other hand it inspires confidence in Amazon and the FBA sellers as well, so in a way its a good thing.
Thanks for your prompt reply.


As @anglozone said, you’ll get a later refund if the item isn’t returned within 45 days.

However… As an FBA seller, the worst case scenario is that the customer actually receives the item at some point, and then returns the item ‘damaged’ (which can be as little as breaking the seal on a box).
Amazon do not compensate for ‘Customer Damaged’ FBA items, and it’ll cost you to even just get the item back from the warehouse to see what condition it’s in.

Amazon won’t resell the item unless they deem it to be in it’s original condition… They have very iffy concepts of what they seem to deem suitable for re-selling so it’s a bit of pot-luck.


Hi, I see what you mean now as I have had my first item returned as damaged by the customer When I run a report it says the item has been returned to inventory. Does that mean that Amazon will resell it (as it is), or am I meant to suck up the loss and have the item removed/disposed. Do you have any advice? I am trying to read about customer damaged returns but it doesnt say when to have the item removed.


If it’s unfulfilable due to beign customer damaged then you’ll need to remove it or have it disposed of. If it has been returned to inventory then it should be available for sale. Sometimes items are held as unfulfilable for a short time until they’re deemed non-damaged so are able to be returned to fulfilable inventory.

You might also like to look into the FBA furbishing service (where they reseal products so they can be sold).


Thank you Barry or your reply. It has been returned to inventory but as unsellable and I can see it under inventory that I am now required to remove. I had already signed up for refurbishment by amazon, so it looks like its not just an open package but the item possibly has been damaged beyond refurb to be resellable. Its a shame as the item was an expensive heavy solid brass item . Seller takes a loss all the time.


You could try for a reimbursement from Amazon. They’ve done it for me once or twice for customer damaged items, but not often.


Dear BarryM, Thanks fo the advice, I have had more customer damaged returns now and they are for expensive items, have created removal order so I can examine them - can I ask in your case did you write to amazon explaining the damage and ask for some recourse - how did you get paid for the item that the customer returned damaged?
Also I have been reimbursed for some items that FBA lost - but at a fraction of the wholesale purchase price (for eg. 0.29 pence for items bought at £2.50 wholesale), have you had any experience of amazom reimbursing fair value?


I wrote to seller support with photos of the item, any damage, the return barcode, the removal order note, and the removal packaging. In some cases they provide reimbursement but in others they don’t. It’s usually worth a try.

The reimbursement is Amazon’s determination of fair value, minus VAT, minus Amazon fees, minus FBA fees. If the reimbursement falls below the price you bought them for you can appeal the reimbursement by contacting seller support with a copy of an invoice. They’ll also take into account your selling price and the average selling price of the product on Amazon.

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