Charges and Fees


I have been charged 7.99 fees, but, don’t have an invoice or an explanation of the charge it has just been debited from account??

Also, how can you contact amazon direct to challenge??


£7.99 is the monthly fee for Amazon Prime, maybe you signed up to the trial and forgot to cancel it?


just checked my personal account and it says not, i assume you dont get prime in seller central??


If your products are £8.99 FBM? I cannot see how this is possible? :confounded:
Are you including shipping in these fees? Did you buy shipping through Amazon?


they were 12.99 just reduced to sell. No, no shipping always do that 3rd party.

i pay my £25 per month fee, but, never paid any other fees, hence my query


Ok, were these FBA ? (You are asking in the FBA forum category.) All I can see are seller fulfilled listings ATM.

Are you dropshipping?


no all in my stock and i ship myself - no dropshipping


The only figure that explains a MFN order fee like that would be if you were being charged the 45% referal fee + Vat in the Amazon Devices Accessories category.
So I’d double check what category they were in and also raise a case with Seller Support here.
Good luck


Partial refund maybe?!

You should be able to see by selecting Reports>Payments>Transaction View and alter the ‘custom date range’ to include the time of the £7.99 going out