Chinese taking over buy boxes


Hi all, so what I have noticed recently that amazon is granting buy box to the sellers that have the lowest price and it does not matter the shipping times. Been on a listing and these to chinese hoped on completely destroying any competition. Price was 8.99 for the item the have cut the price 50% .I’m doing fba myself, and these sellers have crappy seller ratings 60-65% and delivery date is january 5-15. I have lowered the price to £0.50 difference and still I could not get the buy box… just unbelievable. Algorithm just gives the buybox to the lowest price seller and it does not matter when its gonna get delivered and who’s sending it, when you click on the storefronts you can see half of the reviews saying items never delivered. Every day there’s something new


As an FBA seller too, my prices aren’t the lowest but I do appear in the ‘get it faster’ box underneath and get more than enough sales from it


Do you want to see a joke mate? There are 2 chinese sellers so algorithm grants the buy box to the lowest price and get it faster buybox goes to…. second cheapest price . so it ends up beeing more expensive and longer to receive than the main buy box and its say willing to wait? … And no Fba offer.I think this is an error they havent thought about


Whats the asin ?..

Edit - I see 2 items in your store and when I search both on the main amazon page (not from your storefront) I see you in the BB on both


Its my wifes account mate, sorry dont like sharing storefront.

But these is how it looks like


So not your account with your clocks ?


Its my account with the clocks, its the other account that has the issue with chinese sellers


Has the ‘get it faster’ box disappeared for anyone else?


No - its still there for my FBA s&l offers


You do know the buy box has loads of variable reasons for inclusion?

Also that the location of the buyer can mean two people can see different buy box at the exact se time if they’re in different locations.

Buy box isn’t just about price and as Little says many sales come from the ‘get it faster’ box too.

Personally in 15 ish years I’ve never even attempted to be cheapest and have always got sales.often I’ve been £’s more and even up to 2x.