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Is Normal Royal Mail First class large letter exempt from VTR, if not how do you enter it so that it is exempt.
I recently sent 3 items as Royal Mail First Class. Initially all the items were showing as non-exempt (1 book, 2 Videos). Now only the Videos are showing as non-exempt.


I hate to say this, but we REALLY do not need another thread about VTR.
Your question could have simply been on Jessica’s thread, or one of the many, many others.
It is now taking hours to simply read all these threads, I have completely lost track and cannot keep up with it all anymore. it is taking over our lives, and even overnight the threads have got longer and longer.

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No 1st class large letter won’t be exempt as they have said, if your service has an option for a barcode - which large letters do, you need to move over to that service


…but do LL have an actual barcode if not bought as signed for, or just the QR code ?


No standard large letters - so where the postage label say ‘1st class’ don’t get scanned
Whereas CRL 1st class have 'Royal Mail 24’on the label and they do get scanned
So its worth checking what your large letter labels show


Oh, I am even more confused ! - I thought CRL 1st Class is different to RM24 - so they have an actual barcode and not just a 2D square thing and the code above ?.

I simply want to buy my 2nd Class LL labels from Amazon ‘Buy Shipping’.
I have just purchased one, it is a Royal Mail label, says 2nd Class LL, has the 2D box (that is scanned at the PO) and code above, yet still these are counting against my VTR which remains on 0% .



Thanks for your post.

I am closing this as there are many threads already on the forum for VTR. If you have questions please post them on the thread FAQs on Valid Tracking Rate policy in UK as I am trying to get information from the relevant team.

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