Click and Drop without buyer surnames?


How are people dealing with this? I’m not sure who made the decision to remove buyer surnames, but I’m guessing it wasnt a seller for sure.

So now instead of seamless Royal Mail integration i have to take a random stab in the dark that the orders have matched up before I print off the postage label?

What if we get several orders of the same item with the same name on the order? What are we supposed to do then?


It’s an absolute nightmare and it’s not necessary. Whose bright idea was it to come up with that one? Even better who signed off on it?

It’s just becoming a guessing game now… if it’s not this, it’s the pending order that’s been there 3 days dropping to the bottom of your list, and you end up having no invoice for it and scrambling at the end of the day.

I don’t know why they keep changing things that work perfectly well…

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