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I am doing some research on Amazon to make sure that I am following the new Returns Policy correctly.

Is it correct that all clothing and footwear should be free returns anyways, and that the new policy doesn’t make a difference?

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Yes clothing and footwear has had free returns on Amazon for a while now regardless of the reasons why.

We do include in our return instructions that clothing should be unworn (unless faulty) with the original tags still intact.


You’re still only responsible for the return fee for certain return reasons. If they made an accidental order, or changed mind etc then they’re responsible for the return postage.


Wrong I’m afraid. Clothing returns are free now for ANY reason


As if on cue… :wink:


That’s not currently accurate, but apparently will be true from 9th August. That’s insane, clothing sales must have the highest return rate due to buyer error out of every type of product sold on here.


I have always been under the impression that clothing returns are free for any reason and have been for a number of years. I remember discussions on this in the past and we have offered free returns on clothing for years.

It’s never really been a biggie for us most of our items cost between 96p and £1.53 to return and we just refunded the price the customer paid…our profits on items more than cover this cost.

Going forward with Amazon returns it hits us harder as the cost of a prepaid label is much higher.

Our returns are remarkably low anyway for clothing items. 90% of our product range is clothing but the majority of our items are Children’s Pyjamas and accessories such as caps which just don’t seem to have many returns on them.

I was actually surprised at the announcement today and your comments that some clothing returns for change of mind were free. It doesn’t really matter a change of mind return is very rare for us. We mostly get style not expected or too small which just impacts our health rating in voice of the customer.


There seems to be contradictory information about this (coming out of Amazon, shock horror). The guidelines for returns policies do say that your returns policy has to match or better Amazon’s own policy, and their policy implies that as long as the item is received back in appropriate condition then the the return and refund are the buyer’s responsibility in full.

That said, there are examples like the new policy that seem to show that that isn’t the expectation, so I’m really stuck on it. All I know for absolute certain is that we have only been providing free returns were we’re at fault for years, and Amazon have allowed for that in the system, as well as having support agents suggest that was normal.

General information about all Amazon returns also suggests you can deduct the returns cost if returned for certain reasons, and I believe one of those was that it was returned due to the measurements being accurate but not suitable for the buyer who was at fault or mistaken for purchasing. Granted, that wasn’t worded to apply specifically to garments, but I don’t see why it would apply to the height of a desk and not clothing measurements.


We have always interpreted the policy differently and given free returns on clothing items. I remember debates in the past about this and we have opted to give free returns for any reason…in my head I thought this was the policy but it may just have been what we decided

However the new policy announced yesterday is for anything under Fashion. I believe this could include such things as Key Rings and Childrens Bags which we also sell. Some of these items sit under the clothing category and we have never given free returns on these.


It will also include all the random items mis-catalogued to be under fashion. I don’t envy the people who will have to deal with that situation!

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