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I’ve recently started selling on amazon and my first sale was to someone in Germany, I thought this was great but a little unexpected as I was under the impression I had to sign up for that service but I let it go after checking that the commission fees were similar if not exactly the same.

now however when I check my balance and transactions down the line I’ve found out that the commission fees stated and the ones they’re actually charging me are completely different! I’m actually being charged up 80% of my total price??! ive lost a lot of money on what should have put me in the profit for my first batch?

Any help or reason to why im being charged this much would be much appreciated.



What type of account do you have, Professional or Individual?

Could you post a screenshot of the fees, where they are 80%?

FBA fees can be expensive and are charged on the top of the regular fees.


currently a professional account

well, 72% give or take after i ran it through a calculator!

germany comissiom

germany comissiom  breakdown

the fee preview was around 6 euros which was acceptable, this surprise… not so much.

thank you for your response


Have you checked the weight and product dimensions to see if you aren’t getting erroneously charged a higher FBA fee?


The commission should be the same across most EU marketplaces, but the FBA fees can very quite substantially depending on where they’re being shipped from.

Have a look at the FBA rate card:

As @Kika says double check the dimensions and weight Amazon have recorded to check you’re not being overcharged.

Edit: from the fee of €7.64+VAT it sounds like it’s a standard parcel size item between 1kg and 1.5kg that was dispatched across borders. If sold UK FC to UK the charge would be £2.45+VAT. Shipped German FC to Germany the charge would be €4.12+VAT, but that would mean needing to be VAT registered in Germany.

To avoid the high fees, don’t sell on the other EU marketplaces or adjust your prices. If a customer buys off for delivery to Germany they have to cover the additional shipping charges :slight_smile:


Also this isn’t eBay. The product titles should be quite short (e.g. OUGOLD Kunststoffbecher, Rosegold, 340ml, 50 Stuck), with additional keywords either mentioned in the “keywords” section, or the product bullet points, or the product description.

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