Comprehensive online course: All you need to know to get started with sponsored ads


You are invited to join an exclusive online advertising course. In three weeks, over four webinars, you will learn how to set up strategic, goal-oriented campaigns. The course will cover:

  • How sponsored ads work
  • How to create Sponsored Products campaigns step by step (with help from live demos)
  • The basics of budgets, bidding, keywords and targeting, so you can structure your campaigns effectively

An Amazon Advertising specialist will be available throughout each session to answer your questions live.

Register for the webinars below to complete the course. Seats are limited and we recommend registering early.

Help increase your sales with Amazon sponsored ads

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Introduction to targeting methods

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Getting started with budgets and bids

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Understanding keywords

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Live chat with our advertising specialists (Optional)

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I am sure these webinars are great, but we need to be able to sign up to them. Only one has a valid link, the rest of them don’t.


Getting started with budgets and bids.

Understanding keywords

Live chat with our advertising specialists

and plenty more …



Isn’t that just typical of the ineptitude of this place.

If these people had a brain they’d be dangerous.


Sign up links are not working at all!!


The links are not working, kindly fix them.


Only one “sign up link” is working.


The links are not working, but this one
Introduction to targeting methods


I wonder if the Amazon owners have Webinars on “How to squeeze more money out of sellers, while making it stressful and difficult for them to sell”. :smiley:


how do i advertise on amazon?