Confuse Pan EU/EFN selling to EU from UK


Hi all,
I am a small business. I spent a lot of time finding out how to expand in the EU (I am a seller in the UK, registered with EORI UK, UK VAT). As I know EFN closed with the UK. IOSS needs to register with EU countries or a third party (accountancy company). Pan EU is quite expensive for accountancy fees. Can I register IOSS only in France and send parcels to the amazon warehouse and apply EFN to deliver my items to EU customers in other EU countries? I can handle declaring VAT in France so I can save my money.
I appreciated any advice.


EFN did close, but it’s now up and running from the UK, though in a different form. So it is quite possible to use that.
As to PanEU, you do realise that you don’t have to register in more than two countries to use it?
So you could register in just Germany and France.
But yes, you can use EFN from France, to fulfil orders in other EU countries.


Can you help me how to activate EFN from UK, I try to activate with pan EU and the sku is active in Italy, France… but not sure it is right. Can you share a link which instruct about this?

If I can I would sell and do EFN from the UK rather than do it in France (I only have an address to register IOSS).


Take a look at the below for EFN.

And PanEU.

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