Confused by vtr!


Can anyone please explain, I am totally confused by VTR, I sell low value items so send by 1st /2nd class post… Amazon state these dont need tracking. However my listings were put on hold as my VTR was 1.67 % (3 orders) I recently switched from a franking machine to royal mail click and drop where i import my orders is this whats causing the problem, I mark them dispatched manually as I do them, rather than it being automatically done from RM when the labels purchased, could this be the problem?


Your click and drop account is over-riding what you have entered on amazon manually
In c&d you need to untick the mark as despatched on channel setting in amazon integration setting


Oh thanks very much for that… duh i should have realised i have unticked it now! hopefully now they wont put me on the naughty step!


Do you mean 3 valid out of 180, or do you mean 3 total orders?


Out of interest, can I ask why you did that, as I presume you must have had to buy the franking machine ?
If you are just sending low value via 1st/2nd class then when confirming shipment manually you need to choose the stamps/franking option, and NOT just 1st or 2nd class option - that has been invalid for months.

Have you had to do a POA ? One way of ensuring that your listings are reactivated is by saying that you will use ‘Buy Shipping’ - and do it ! All postage from Buy Shipping is validated for VTR.


Hello @Sarah_Barnham_Handma ,

This is Abella, I understand your concern is regarding the Valid tracking rate.

Thank you @The_Little_Shop or the inputs.

Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) measures how often you use valid tracking numbers on your orders. Amazon customers depend on tracking numbers to find out where their orders are and when they can expect to receive them. The Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) is a performance metric that reflects those expectations.

Best Practices to Successfully Upload Tracking Information:

Tracking number–Verify:
You entered the tracking number correctly and on time (before delivery).
You did not leave the tracking information blank.
You did not enter special characters (such as punctuation), which our system cannot recognize in the tracking information.

Note: Only manually add a carrier name in the free-form text field “Other” when the carrier you are using is not present in the drop-down.

Please refer Valid Tracking Rate policy for further assistance.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.



Hi, i used to rent one via pitney bowes but by the time you take of the rental, top up fees, ink & labels i am not sure it was much cheaper, and it was a pain to top up constant errors and seemed to need updating every five minutes, also wasnt very happy with the service went it went wrong it took over a week to sort and they offered a paltry 20% of ink as compensation!


3 out of 180…


Were the three that aren’t showing up on the report sent or marked in a different way?


Had the same issues when we used to frank. Was a total PITA. That and the fact we had to drive miles to get to a franking dropoff point meant it was easier to just stick stamps on things and fill the local post boxes. For the time we used it I would be surprised if we even broke even on it.


Yes that was another thing 8 miles to the post box every day, when i have 2 post boxes locally I can put them in, especially now with the price of fuel being what it is.