Constant errors when using Buy Shipping


Is it just me? We only use Buy Shipping in the busy season when we switch to everything tracked/signed. We normally use Click and Drop.

It seems that every time I try to ship it errors out and I have to reload up to 4 times for each order. It tells you to come back in 15 minutes :rofl:

15 minutes!! :joy::rofl:


F5, F5, F5, F5, F5 and eventually it works :wink:

Cyber Monday was an absolute nightmare, think I might have refreshed 15+ times on some orders (and they happened to be the ones that didn’t already have the dimensions pre-polulated, so had to keep inputting them again and again)… nearly lost the will to live, and a few parcels ended up not making it into the bags.

They really need to stop forcing us to use their Buy Shipping system if it doesn’t work 1st time every time…

Anyway C&D for bulk shipping as a whole is much quicker and easier than this Buy Shipping fiasco, I take it you think the opposite?


F5 is my constant best friend. Max today was 14 attempts to post one small parcel. My F5 key is getting worn out.

If only C&D gave them a clickable link.

AZ customers are lazy, if we don’t give them ta clickable link, we are chasing every order for them.

We use C&D 100% of the rest of the year, but not the silly season. From December 1 I use Amazon Shipping and everything sent signed for. It hikes our prices but only slows down sales a little.