Contacting a Customer Is Impossible! Amazon are idiots!


Had the same here today regarding an INR.

He has emailed us twice in which we responded showing the tracking details images and that the item had arrived, then this morning the third messages says he’s really unhappy that he’s not getting a response from us so we presumed he had opted out.

We have had this before and its so frustrating for a seller not to be able to contact a buyer regarding an order, you think they would open up the messaging between buyer and seller when a purchase is made.

The only option for us was to message him via his mobile number luckily there was one there, but I suppose contacting amazons customer by phone is also out of policy so you can’t win.

Good thing is as soon as we sent the message saying we have responded to all messages twice and the tracking shows the item had been delivered and if this wasn’t the case we will pass this over to Royal Mails investigation team he responded via amazons messages saying he had found the item!

The crazy world of amazon!


100% agree. Good customer service is about communication.
Negative feedbacks due to lack of or poor communication is common on Amazon.
I have spoken buyers (they’ve called me !!??) who weren’t aware they were opted out of messaging. Wonder whether it’s a default, and buyer have to opt in?
A wonderful world, we are all connected 24/7, but then aren’t, no messaging, no phoning.


Get use to it . Amazon will NEVER change their policy to suit their SELLERs . They ( amazon ) will only do what is best for BUYER .

The amount of complain we received because of it ( opt -out ) and time need to explained to buyer is ridiculous . How on earth buyer are inform regrading tracking and delivery updates !?

Try speak to amazon . Good luck .


What I think we all need to remember is Amazon doesn’t want people selling on Amazon Marketplace - they do it so that they get a share from sales that would otherwise all go to ebay . They stop us ( independent sellers) from contacting OUR buyers but when anything goes wrong Amazon provide a full refund , giving the impression that THEY are providing a good service . I had a customer contact me through Amazon to inform me i had sent the wrong book, I apologised and asked them to return the book sent in error and I would send the correct book. Weeks went bye and they didn’t contact me until Amazon issued them a full refund WITHOUT them returning the book - even though Amazon had the email from the buyer saying they had received one of our books - they are without doubt one of the worst companies ive ever dealt with . I recommend using ebay - i sell more there and they charge less.


I’m sorry, but that is a fallacy.
Marketplace sellers makeup at least half of all sales on Amazon. If they didn’t want us here, they wouldn’t have us here.
Amazon has plenty of faults, but frankly, there is no better place to sell, with the amount of customers available to you. Nowhere else, will you see that.
They are extremely customer focused, which in general hurts us sellers. But in itself, that’s not such a bad thing. That’s a lot to do with why there are so many buyers on here.


Why are you still here then?


Hi yes in a very small way now dont need amazon to bring in our sales they dont care about the seller good luck with your fba you must be a special customer


Not special at all. Just ordinary. I can only speak as I find and I’ve had six good years here. I can’t complain at all.


Its a blooming nightmare, i will try a direct email and see how it goes

THanks all

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