Contacting Amazon Seller Support



Does anyone have the Amazon Support Phone Number? Or are we not supposed to contact them? I Have looked through the foum and any previous answers that say go to this link or go to that link. They don’t work.

Help as getting seriously fed up with trying to negotiate all the answers Amazon are giving that are not answering the question.



If you would like to contact the Seller Support, follow this link:

There is no actual phone number you could use, other than opening a case using the link I provided.

If you told us what kind of issue do you need help with, maybe someone would be able to advise.


they are useless , no phone number and have a case pending for more than 10 days now , they just sent an email that they are looking at it and never give me a call


Hi Kika,

The link helped. Regards


I am happy that you managed to contact them :slight_smile: