Costs to sell in Europe


We enrolled for Pan EU and used Vatglobal which has proved disastrous after 12 months we still don’t have a spanish VAT certificate
It took us months to learn how to list products in EU market places as we could not get any support.
Now we have finally done it we are finding the costs form FBA per item is taking all the profit, the costs are more than 50% of the sales price in France, has anyone else found this? I am just about to de-register selling Pan EU

Thank you


All the FBA rates by country are laid out on the FBA rate card. It is worth checking to see that what rate you are being charged. If you are not registered in Spain, you may not be paying the lower Pan-EU rate yet. French rates are particularly high, you will need to put your prices up to accommodate. This shouldn’t hurt sales as everyone is in the same boat.