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VTR query: I have gone to Hermes and all is tracked and clicked at store; however of 70 items sent since 19th a princely 1.49% show as tracked! Anyone know why? I log the figure beginning with P followed by 7 digits when I click Shipped and have chosen Hermes as my carrier. I should add there is one tracking number per session although another much longer number shows on the electronic receipt. Is that the one I SHOULD put in? (If so that will be awfully complicated).
P.S. I am now starting to believe in the Devil!


I use buy shipping for the orders i send via Hermes so don’t have to enter anything, but Amazon say for Hermes the number is 14 to 20 characters long.


Thanks. Trying it but VTR still hovers at 70%, hoping that tracking ALL this month’s stuff will shift the % up.
What a fiasco though Derek. And for what, really. Now we have Country of Original, no idea how to include THAT!

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