Country of origin


I am concerned about 22nd August deadline and this Country of Origin caper: how do I, a bookseller of largely British books ensure that all my books are seamlessly shown to be such as well as those I list from now on, in order to be ready and able (laughs hysterically; I would about the cursed VTR but can’t bear it as went insane last month. Doc says it’s ‘Vtritis’ but I’m not having HIM tell ME that I’m made of glass!


I have just added the country of origin to a book that I was altering the price of.
Amazon in their wisdom (NOT) have provided all the countries in the dropdown in an absolute jumble, not a hint of alphabetical order :roll_eyes:
Whoever designed that should be shot - it is ridiculous.
I then tried to type UK, but no, it is Great Britain, which is fine, but surely make it easier with alphabetical order.


except that GB doesn’t include Northern Ireland and there is no Northern Ireland on the list, only Ireland, and you can imagine what a seller from the six counties would say to that pair of options. I have sent a suggestion to Amazon just to use UK but don’t hold out much hope of getting it changed


Well one knew that they would muck it up somehow! Anyway do they MEAN UK or GB since we know that they are very different entities!
How is the Other Half Jilly? Tell him that I hope he is feeling better.
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I’ve lost count the number of times I have sent in a suggestion over the years - not one implemented.
The one most frequently sent is to change the name of either the Individual account or selling plan to something different, such as basic for the plan, or private for the account.
It would save so much confusion, heartache and SS time.


Not yet - goes into hospital again next Wednesday (1st).


As you can see from my post, Amazon’s (probably American) staff clearly think that UK and GB are interchangeable. Maybe we should start referring to the United States as meaning Mexico - the country’s official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos


or have even more fun and call it Cuba !


Manually listing a few used books today and find I’m having to input country of origin for every one!
This hasn’t happened before today for me.

It just seems nuts to have to do this for old (many 50+ years old) used books from what are clearly UK publishers.

And the UK is right near the bottom of the drop down, so constantly scrolling. Surely it should be at the top when listing from the UK site…? :roll_eyes:


No need, just tap in gr and Great Britain instantly appears. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bet that annoys the Greeks!


At least I have noticed today when listing a book that they have actually put the list of countries in alphabetical order. Before it was a total jumble with absolutely no order to it at all.

I used Great Britain, but notice there is United Kingdom too - yes, I DO know they are different ! :smirk:


I also use GB as with the NI protocol and export, the UK is no longer “united” making GB currently a more accurate option imo.


So it looks like they have accepted my suggestions :joy:


I also sent in a suggestion too !


Ok, you can have half the :cake: but don’t claim INR when it doesn’t get past the Scottish border customs


Just refer to the US as North America…


I typed in ‘Unit’ when listing but it reverted to the drop-down and I still had to select UK from there. Maybe I’ll go for gr (GB) next time!

On a wider note, what exactly does Amazon mean by ‘Country of origin’, especially when applied to used books and media.

Where the item was originally manufactured? Where published? Where it is being sold from or stored?
A lot of UK and US publishers have their books printed in China.

I had a quick scan of the relevant help page but it doesn’t appear to clarify:

It also doesn’t seem like this was introduced with BMVD in mind. It makes little if any sense when applied to used items (the bulk of which are in BMVD, I would wager).

I’ve already seen some stupid anomalies, such as UK made BBC DVDs with ‘Czech Republic’ as country of origin…

[edit] I missed this bit the first time:

> If two or more countries are involved in the production, the goods are deemed to have originated in the country or territory where they were last substantially worked or processed.’


It is all so ambiguous. I have been putting the country where published - whether that is right or not, who knows ?


For me COO is where it is printed and bound. This information is found on the reverse title page at the front of the book.