Country of origin


It’s bureaucratic nonsense, IMO.

It might make sense for widgets from China, but does Amazon seriously expect sellers of one-off used books and discs to know the exact manufacturing trail of every item they list?

I have a lot of early CDs made in West Germany, a country that no longer exists. Some were published by UK labels, others by European and American labels.
What do I put for them, I wonder? :confused::thinking:


You’re probably right - you always are !
…but are they really going to check up on every individual book - I think not .


(Or more often among the last pages with many recent books).

Assuming it’s a used book with a UK publisher and you put the COO as, say, China, might not this be opening a can of worms?

Incidentally, typing ‘gr’ brings up nothing and while ‘gb’ does bring up GB from the list, it won’t let me select it that way - it forces me to scroll the entire drop-down list.
I often have this problem with typing in on Amazon drop-downs.
Maybe it’s a Firefox thing…?.


No and they don’t know either. SO if you put Uk or Poland or Spain down, what do you think will happen?


Probably, but to my mind, the COO is where the book was published. Quote from Amazon citing UK Govt guidance:
“This means that the origin is the economic nationality of goods being imported and exported (where they have been produced or manufactured)”

The publisher is the organization producing the book, therefore their base is the COO

You also have to remember that the text can be printed in one country, the binding in another and the dustjacket in a third, so the printer is not the only one, or the last one, involved in the manufacturing process . And, of course, some copies of the same book may get printed by different printers, either at the time of original publication or later


If you type it in twice like that the second type it selects it… At least it does on my phone


I tend to agree but as we all know, Amazon bots are not capable of understanding subtle distinctions…


Cheers, that seems to work, even with a mouse/keybopard combo, but I don’t why Amazon has to make the editing tools so clunky…


Try typing GB it in CAPITAL LETTERS. That works for me.


Perhaps we could also stop Americans referring to the UK as “england”


Especially when they say “Edinburow, England” !


Also we should make them understand that there is no “queen of england”


I get a dropdown on mine and I have to select “United Kingdom”, no mention of GB or UK.


Yes, I figured that out after a while, but what a pain - I’m currently editing dozens of individual listings and having to input the COO for every bleeping one, switching off and on ALL CAPS as I go.
Another great ‘improvement’ from Amazon… :roll_eyes:

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