Created an Account then got deactivation mail



I am new here, I created a Seller Account a couple of days ago. I submitted my
passport and latest PDF of my bank account statement. They suspended my account
while they tried to verify my documents.

Today they have Deactivated it saying they could not verify it.

Clicking on ‘Reactivate’ button takes me to a page where they want me to submit ““A bill that is dated within the last 90 days for piped or natural gas, electricity, water or Internet service with name and address visible.””
Trouble is that all our utilities are in my husband’s name. I only subscribe to ADT alarm to which I have a recent letter in my name. I have a few recent Doctor’s letters too.

1 With an ADT bill be good enough to submit instead?
2 Any idea why they could not verify robust documents like Passport and Bank statement?

Please help me :frowning:



Hi Anna. Opening a new seller account on Amazon nowadays is a nightmare for most people - for some even taking months and for some never happening.
Amazon have become EXTREMELY strict because of fraudulent and rogue sellers setting up, so they now make you jump through many hoops, and even once your account is verified you may hit blocks depending on what you are selling - just read this forum and you will see the number of posts about deactivation and suspension.
Doubt Dr letters will suffice, not sure about ADT bill, but somehow doubt that too.


Thanks a bunch Jilly for your prompt reply. Very well explained, I will try to have some utility subscriptions to my name now. With your advice in the email, I will be better prepared for what they expect of me.



The verification process is very strict and you can expect documents scrutinized to the space contained within an address.

All documents should match. You may well need to also provide companies house documents and if there are directors, then expect to produce further details. Depending on what level of selling you have already as a company then VAT certification may also be required.

As JillyB1 has said some docs will not suffice and then there may be issues with the catagories that you wish to sell.

It is a patient waiting game once you have provided everything.


Please note this excellent advice.
When you transfer the utility bill into your name, and for ALL documents, make sure the details match what you entered on Amazon space for space, comma for comma and letter for letter, as bots read the documents and cannot use common sense to make a judgement, so if there is a discrepancy then your document is rejected.
{Maybe that was the passport issue?]


Thx for the tip Adrian. I will be careful. But, as I submitted the Passport and the Account Statement, I was not asked to write anything, there was just a drop down menu and I chose Passport and added a Jpeg file with the image of the first page with photograph on my passport. I was then asked to submit a recent bank statement which I sent as a PDF. I hear PDFs are often rejected.

Thx Appliance store. I had registered as an individual. I have today set up a company online. I hope I am doing the right thing. I did not register for VAT though, there was a big fee for that.


Hi Anna,

Further to Adrian’s comments, the passport photo should be clear, preferably scanned in high res. From my experience PDF files are accepted and preferred.

Looking ahead, if that is how you intend to trade, then you should really pursue the application with the setup company rather than an individual from the outset.

There are instances where an individual has been set up trading on Amazon and then changes to a LTD Company. Amazon would then require full authentication again with all the new details.

Perhaps just review eveything at this early stage to prevent future and major headaches.

Best regards


Thanks Mike for the heads up. I will consider all advice given here, read up a bit more and then try again.


When you say try again, PLEASE do not attempt to open up another account - this is absolutely no go unless you have prior permission from Amazon. You need to get your initial account verified and running. You do not need to be VAT registered until your turnover is 85K,though you can register voluntarily.
Also,is the bank statement you sent the one you are going to be using for your business. EVERYTHING needs to match the info you have supplied to Amazon.
Have you registered with HMRC as self-employed or do you already have a business ?
Just lots to consider.


I was planning to try again to ‘reactivate’ using a utility bill and some high definition images of my passport and driving license. I thought VAT is not yet required as I have
not made any money so far.
I plan to use the bank account I have used to submit the statement. So that should be fine.
Yes I am registered with HMRC as Self-employed. Should I use those papers too while attempting ‘reactivation’?


hi put your new amazon account in both you and your husbands names that’s what we had to do now had account for three years


I would recommend that you send in your hmrc registration letter detailing your utr.

If you have lost it (or its not dated within last six months) you can get the revenue to confirm your utr in writing.

It only takes a week or so to get the document



Thx Debbie, I see what you mean but I guess it is too late for that as I have already created this account as a sole individual. If I try creating a new ID then I may risk confusing the system even more. They might completely block me out.


Thx Paul. I will look for my documents. I registered with HMRC in early 2019. So, I will
anyway write to them requesting a fresh letter with my UTR.