Creating an account for a new region


I’ve been told by Amazon that to sell in another region, I need to create a new account with a new email address. Mindful that creating another account with a new email address will get me swiftly banned, I want to double check that this is actually the protocol.

Secondly, if this is the case, how do we sign up to the terms and conditions in another language. It isn’t too hard going onto another site and getting it to be translated, but various message and notifications that might be important ought to at least me in the native seller’s language if they’re doing cross-border fulfilment.

Finally, do we need to pay the monthly professional cost for each region?


There is a global account I believe.
But I think what you need to do is to go to Inventory/sell globally and setup the accounts from there, rather than create brand new accounts.
Each region has different requirements etc.


This gives more info.


I think I have ended up on the ‘sell global link’, but this is all I can see is the below:

There’s nothing where I can go an select another region, all I can see is the UK. I’m beginning to think that on other people’s accounts they would have all the flag/regions they’re eligible for and would proceed with the process as per that marketplace.


Did you sign up for a UK only account, or have you got a unified European account Uk, de, fr,es,it,nl?
You can click on the dropdown in Seller Central, next to your Seller name to confirm.

Where exactly do you want to sell?


That’s the right page.
Click on the region that you want to sell in.
ie. the Americas or whatever it will then come up with a link to create an account.


It only has a UK option and show my ‘pending’ USA registration which I started a few days ago to experiment.

I want to sell in ES, FR, and DE


I think I have the Americas working, but can I see your Europe tab? As mine doesn’t have the link as you can see in my initial image above.


I also want to double check - am required to use a different email address per region, and pay the additional monthly fee per country


You will already be able to sell in Europe.
You can simply use the Build International listings tool to migrate your stock to those markets.
Obviously if they don’t exist on the other sites, then you will need to create them.
If you do need to create them, you need to make sure that you use the same SKU for each site, that will then link them.

As to the fees, take a look at the link I posted before.

Really not sure about emails, but logic says to me, that you use the same one for each account. But don’t know tbh.


Not with a UK only account…



Fair enough, I didn’t notice that.

In that case, you going to need to open in the other regions separately.
Though it’s probably better to try and get the account changing to an EU one instead.
No idea whether that can be done or not though.


I can’t see that button anywhere! I can’t see it on any page under List Global. Can you send a URL so I can bring it up under my account and see what it shows me?



I also got a response fro CS. They backtracked on their advice about using different email addresses, but now are saying use the same address in different regions, which is fine, but when I tried this just now on .de I entered my name and email, password, and just brought me back to the UK SS!

All EU sites just redirect back to this.



Amazon have sorted it. I think this was a problem on the backend, so when I log in, I can select with individual marketplace I want to log into which shows the individual accounts as I’d expect. My question now is, am I being charged 39 Euro for each marketplace - how do I confirm this?