Creating An Advertising/Marketing Campaign


Hi, I am jumbled up at the moment with trying to create an advertising/marketing scheme for our inventory products. This is due to our products not selling as of recent.

I’ve tried to select the option of creating a campaign (PPC) that I’ve watched from youtube videos however our account doesn’t seem to give that option on the selection links.

Does this mean the account isn’t the correct subscription for this? or is there some sort of technical error? Thank you!


You currently are on the individual selling plan, you will need to upgrade to a professional selling plan (£25 + Vat pm) to be eligible for advertising and marketing campaigns.


Thanks very much anglozone! Just out curiosity could you let me know on how to upgrade the account please? :slight_smile:


Click on the link below (manage > your services in account settings) and then on “upgrade”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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