Creating Customisable Listings


It’s been a while since I added new products to my inventory - so it could be that I’ve simply forgotten a step / option in the process but…

I’m listing in Handmade.
I no longer seem to be able to create a NEW Listing with Customisation Menus by copying an existing listing.
In fact it seems I can no longer create a NEW Listing with Customisation at all - I have to create it without customisation and then go back in and add customisation as a separate action.
This seems to be totally inane - so I’m hoping I’m missing something obvious.

I know we’ve never been able to add/amend customisation options in bulk (ie csv uploads).

Can someone please tell me where I’m getting this wrong?


Ok - a penny might have just dropped…

I’ve tried creating a listing with Variations (my products do seem suited to this feature)
But it appears to create a separate Inventory Listing for each variant
Does that mean the buyer has to wade through multiple listings on Amazon searching for the Colour/Size combination - or do they see a single listing with a variants drop-down menu?

The more I think about it, surely it must be the latter - but could someone confirm?


OK - sorry guys - I just answered my own question there didn’t i !!!

I could really do with a ‘dummy’ forum that I could post to as after hours/days of mulling over a problem I seem to have a lightbulb moment as soon as I post a question.

Sorry for the dumbo question…


Well, the forum helped you get your answer, so job done!


Yes, now you have to create the parent listing. Then once enabled, click Edit and select -

Still a PITA though (unless it’s changed since I last used it), because although you associate a listing with a customisation TEMPLATE, if you change the template, the customisation on the listing doesn’t change. You have to go back through them all, re-applying the changed template.

Please tell me they’ve changed it.


Ok - so now I’m trying to EDIT my current inventory listings to ADD Variations
But it’s not letting me add Variations to existing listings (says not available for this category)
I’m listing T-Shirts so… pretty ideal for Variations (Size/Colour).

The only ‘complication’ I see is that my listings currently have Customisation set.
I can see this could create a conflict BUT I’ve tried deleting Customisation from the listing and it still won’t allow me to add Variations.

It WILL let me add Variations if I create a new listing.
So, am I correct in thinking I will need to delete my entire current Inventory and re-list from scratch if I want to add Variations?

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