Custom Charges / Isle Of Man


Hello, I’m hoping that somebody can answer this question? I only sell to buyers in the UK. I have had an order for a box set of dvds to a buyer living in the Isle Of Man. It’s not a question about postage charges but when I looked up some info on Royal Mail it said that a declaration form is needed on the package for customs. I cannot find out if this means that there may be a customs charge to the seller? If anybody can help I would really appreciate it. Many thanks. NB. Information I have is that the Isle Of Man is not part of the UK. Neither is it a member of the EU


No CN22 customs label needed for IOM only Channel Isles.


^ Like Russ says, no CN22 needed :slight_smile:


As others have said customs declaration not needed:


Isle of Man is treated as part of the UK VAT and customs zone for the purposes of online commerce.