Custom products no longer eligible for returns


Pretty sure it depends what kind of auto rule you set up. We are 100% listed as custom and we have a rule to auto accept returns for anything less than £12. The bot ignores the custom exemption and auto accepts custom items less than £12 as well as non-custom even though they are supposed to be exempt from this.

We questioned support and they confirmed that implementing this rule overrode the exemption to custom.


i don’t have any rules set and every time there is a return request for a custom product, i get to accept or deny it
i’ve never had a custom product auto authorised


Yeah - it’s basically down to if you accept their standard rule (£3.95 auto return I think it costs) or set up a rule. We set up a rule, because it’s cheaper to give the item away if its less than £12 than it is to accept it back for £3.95 label.
But the second we introduced the rule, it overrode the Custom item exemption and includes auto refunds for our custom orders. Over £12, like you, we get the choice on custom stuff.

I am hoping this “refresh” of the rules, will now take this into account.


But if the products were personalised, you didn’t need to accept returns on them at all - unless they were damaged in transit or your mistake with personalisation


I imagine it wouldn’t, as the returnless resolutions is still an override. In essence, I imagine when the return request comes in, the system will just go down a stack of rules, and your returness resolutions would just be at the top. Though you never know, amazon might have thought about this - I would just say it seems unlikely.

You can filter it to only look at certain categories, though my understanding is Custom items can sit in many categories?


Yep - you’re right, but we don’t only sell custom items, we sell both (I would estimate 30% custom and 70% not).
We sell about 5,000+ items on an average month (15,000+ at xmas time), so we set up the rule to auto returnless refund anything less than £12 because it’s cheaper for us than allowing the auto feature to generate a label costing us £3.95. However, when we set this up, we assumed custom would not be included because they are supposed to be exempt, but the rule we set appears to override the exempt status and returnless refunds our custom items less than £12 too.

Given a choice when our cheap (non-custom) items were going to be auto authorised at a cost of £3.95 or allowing the customer to keep the item, it was a no brainier to set the rule - it would save us a lot of money and is better customer service. But now we are stuck applying the rule to custom too. We accept it because it still works out cheaper than opening the floodgates for the cheap items we sell, but fundamentally, the rule system is broken and adding a rule should not override a policy, yet it does.

Hopefully that explains it a bit more fully and makes it understandable why we are hoping this means a rule update when this comes into effect ;0)


I wouldn’t bet on it changing either lol - no, I wish filter was an option!


Sorry, I was basing it on this

So presumed all were - my bad . As stated then, your rules will override them however, it will presumably change with the new policy


Unless the buyer goes moaning to CS and the human CS droid overrides it for them


I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue with customised products
I had one buyer open a return for a product that I denied as it wasn’t damaged etc and they opened an a-z which amazon instantly closed in my favour


But I can see it happening tho. Just like returns that are weeks, months or even years past the return window same with A to Z’s that are well out of the range of acceptance. What Amazon say’s and/or does is the crux of the matter


Well we won’t know until its implemented in a few weeks

Do you sell customised products ?


ah ha! yes, I can see how I confused you! When I said 100% custom, I was trying to say they are definitely “proper” custom because you were in the middle of a conversation with someone about whether they were proper custom or not. My bad!


Hopefully then going forward, the non return rule will apply to all custom listings :crossed_fingers:


Great news for custom product sellers… Clarity like this is needed in other areas of Amazon policies. Amazon could be a Paradise for sellers… That’s a step in the right direction, well done Amazon…


Exactly bang on with that, and have done plenty of times although they can still leave negative feedback so be careful!


It is good to see a common sense application for once. Somebody has obviously made a conscious decision on this matter…for the better.


I bet they’ve been given a good talking to about this.

Common sense is against Amazon policy… :zipper_mouth_face:


Great news! But are you also going to make it clear to customers that they really can’t cancel orders for personalised items? Particularly if they decide to do so a day or so after ordering?


Found my old post from Nov last year* -

This is what I had, until they changed it for the Christmas period.

*I was looking for my post about Amz bots making stupid changes to listings (it’s now too old and locked). Today it’s my own Scottish landscape cards with a new field set - “Pattern: Animal Print” and most of them “Color: beige”. Even one of a highland cow - “Pattern: Paisley” - because it was taken at Gleniffer Braes, Paisley. :roll_eyes: