Customer complains about "Listing does not match product",


Hello Forum, I need advice from the seasoned experts.
I have received yesterday a warning from Amazon performance team, because of “customer complaint regarding your listing below as it may not match the product description shown on the detail page”.
I must review all my listings, because if it happens again, I may lose my selling privileges.
This refers to a complaint from a customer in Ireland, who ordered an expensive book for a friend, and later sent a message and request of return, saying that the book and/or envelope arrived damaged, the book appears not following description, and she demands return, not substitution.”
I had carefully checked the expensive book, and I did not find any defects, then wrapped it well in double bubble wrap, packed in strong carton box, shipped to Ireland.
I wrote to the customer, that I’m sorry, if she was not satisfied. Then I asked for pictures of the damage, and why she thought it was different from description.
The customer did not reply, but certainly complained to Amazon.
As soon as I received the warning, I accepted the request of return, as I would have done anyway: I never refuse the right to return, within law and Amazon rules.
Of course now I shall review all my listings, but I feel I have been unfairly treated, for the following reasons:

  1. In my experience, when customers complain about damage or receiving a different item, they include pictures, or at least explain why they think the item is different. Here, nothing.
  2. In my opinion, to complain about two different issues, without evidence, is often fishy. My impression is that her friend did not like the gift, and the buyer did not know that she has a right to return, so she had to find a solid reason to return the book. I wonder also, if it may be a scam, based on asking a refund, then not returning.
  3. Performance team has sent me a warning, without asking my point of view, and I suspect, without receiving any evidence. It’s enough for a customer to complain about “listing different from expected”, and the seller is doomed to live in fear for ever.
  4. By the way, I have seller performance 100% year, feedback 100%. I am very customer oriented, but I start to despair”.

These are the facts, as I know them. Obviously, I shall review my listings, I shall refund the customer, when I shall receive the book back.
But is it fair that a customer complains about listing not matching description, without giving evidence?
is it fair that performance team believes the customer, without evidence, or checking my opinion?
I did not expect the Spanish Inquisition.
Thank you for your kind opinion and support.


Hi Guy. Sorry to hear your troubles but it is an all too familiar story. I actually postaed about this a few days ago as I had a pretty similar experience myself. Customer requests return because item did not match product detail (they were implying it wasnt the same item as advertised. I immediately said, no problem etc please return for a full refund which will of course come with my sincere apologies for your inconvenience etc… yada yada yada.
OBVIOUSLY heard nothing back. Like you I take a lot of pride in what I do and I know that got better than what they were expecting. Anyhoo, long story short, the opened an A-Z case about a month later stating ‘Item arrived damaged and broken’. Contacted seller support immediately as I smelt a rat.

Result, Amazon ruled that I was not at fault whatsoever but they refunded the customer anyway out of AMazons pocket.

You are not alone, we have more or less all been bitten by this and will probably continue to do so.

The probelm we have is customers are getting very wise to things now and they are aware that if they make a mistake and order the wrong thing or simply change their mind, then they pay for return postage but get refunded the original purchase price inc oputbound postage cost. If there is a fault with the item then WE pay for return postage and refund everything also.

Also to add to the mix is they are also becoming aware that they can buy an item, take it through to an A-Z and they usually get to keep the item AND get refunded.

SAdly, as highlighted umpteen times on here, our hands are tied. We simply have to deal with it in a manner that will least damage our metrics and feedback etc.

You were right to request images of the damage but sadly, also peeing in the wind as they rarely ever will unless they are a real genuine disgruntled customer but they tend to be reaosnably easy to resolve. I am finding it’s more the scammers who use the A-Z, genuine customers just let you know they arent happy and allow the opportunity to rectify things.

Anyho, just wanted to let you know, you arent alone. Welcome to the club.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, I feel a bit better now.
I’m thinking about contacting seller’s support, tomorrow, about the risk of scam.


Hi Guy

I agree with you, it isn’t fair at all and I am sure that the reason she has given is not true either. As Hobs says the buyer has panicked and used that as an excuse to obtain a refund for the book, which when she received it she may not have liked, her friend may not have liked or any some such reason. It will be nothing you have done I am sure.

It did happen to me earlier in the year although slightly different reason. Expensive book, buyer wanted to return after three weeks because “she could find a cheaper one”!! Eh! I just accepted the return, told her to track, pack it as it was sent to her, and insure it. I half expected to get a copy of the same book but a rubbish one, however, I was lucky it was mine. Accepted it back refunded and sold again within a week.



Its a common tactic when buyers sense that the seller might be trying to worm out of accepting responsibility for the damage or accepting a no hassle return.

They panic they are going to lose their money and go on the offensive. Its been seen a few times on this board.


WOW i think ii need to change it to Amazon selling it for me :slight_smile:
Thanks for advice guys xxx


I have notified sellers’ support and performance team about the issue, and the possibility of a scam. We’ll see.


That is so stunningly different to your initial post I am curious as to why you deleted it?


give the buyer there money back and move on


Little update: I have contacted sellers’ support, and explained my concerns.
I have been told that, if I shall receive a defective book, I may reduce the refund.
And if I shall get a negative feedback, they will remove it.
No news from buyer.


Just a word of caution, seller support saying a negative feedback will be removed isn’t a cast iron guarantee. A different team has responsibility for feedback removal and may not remove a neg despite the assurance from SS.


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That is true.


This is categorically the most disgusting thing I have read on this forum.

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We had one of those emails this week, a warning etc, but the item sent is 100% as it should be.

My conclusion with customers who do this sort of thing is some (some not all) must be like the unfortunate people we have all come across in life at one point or other,{removed inappropriate comments} sad people who just do what they do because they feel that they have to dig a final knife in you from behind, because they think they can and thrive on the cowardly backdoor activities they get up to.

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With a wholly inappropriate post like that on this forum I think you could be one of those people in life who you come across now and again and think ‘they just don’t belong in customer orientated retail’

I doubt there’s a single poster on this forum who echoes your sentiment. Idiot.


Yes, yes, yes!
No. No.

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Just seen this thread.

Did the book match the date, binding, publisher etc that was on the catalogue entry?

Condition is quite a subjective thing - perhaps customer thought, for example, the book was in acceptable condition and you had described as good?

Has it come back yet?


Ok. Enjoy.


Hows things ticking along? Any more news yet? Good point made before about not getting your hopes up about the feedback removal etc. The best course of action is to request it be removed and whilst you are waiting for it to be assessed (like I said dont build your hopes up) there is an option to respond to the feedback so I would do so in a professional polite manner just saying that you Issue resolved, thank you for allowing me the opportunioty to fix this for you. Thanks again yada yada yada.

That was, even if someone reads their hate speach, it will look like the left feedback and you dealt with the issue and evcerything is groovy now between you and the customer.

That would be pretty much the best course of action for a worst case scenario.

Who knows, they may not even leave feedback?
Amazon, may remove it?
If not, a simple response like that can turn it on its head.

Hope you get things all ironed out soon.