Customer damaged item!


Hi everyone, today we’ve received a message from a customer, with a photo of one of our baby vests that has massive holes and burn marks on it!
Now we print on these baby vests ourselves and I can categorically say there is absolutly no way the customer received this item in the state it is in now!
I have asked for a photo of the packaging, which she hasn’t provided as of yet. Is there anything else I can do apart from bend over backwards and refund her before I get hit with an A-Z.
Just to add I’m not particularly worried about getting hit with an A-Z so if there’s anything I can do that will prolong / not let a complete liar / scammer win let me know! :sweat_smile:


And now I’ve had a very quick reply from the customer with the packaging! the packaging has a sticker on it to say the item has been found open or damaged and officially secured!
Apologies on behalf of the customer!
So now… who’s had any luck with royal mail! item was sent tracked to germany!


Not quite what you posted before that, was it, ie:

Whilst there are plenty of scammers on Amazon, not everybody who has a problem is one of them.


ok didn’t mean to offend you!
Obviously I’m quite fed up with the state of customers on Amazon! :sweat_smile: which is of course why I did an instant update once I saw the packaging that she sent! I tried deleting the thread but it wouldn’t allow me to, I have been speaking to her all day it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing! If you saw the pictures your instant thought would be that’s not natural :joy:
Just to add half of this forum is people venting! It’s not like I’ve said this to her and literally nobody knows who she is, me included!
Her first email wasn’t exactly the most charming towards us I have been pretty pleasant towards her in our emails!
If you could see the state of it it’s not really something you’d think was an accident, I have no idea how it’s arrived to her like that, it literally looks like someones just taken a lighter to it and decided to burn random parts of it! How it’s got in that state I’ll never know!


It hasn’t offended me; I’m not the customer. However, you should be aware that this forum is not private; it can be viewed freely and openly by anybody on the internet so my comment was aimed at perhaps just being a little more cautious with customer description.

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