Customer Damaged Refunds (FBA)


Hi, I am receiving returns from customers which state ‘customer damaged’. These are tights which were sent out completely new, unworn and in original packaging. A few customers have returned them in a disgusting state, obviously worn them for a night out as they are covered (and I mean covered) in hair and fluff. Original packaging ripped or missing too. Amazon say that they don’t reimburse sellers for customer damaged items, yet they have refunded the customer? This does not make sense? Surely, if customer damaged, Amazon should not refund, or if they do they should reimburse sellers cost of item? Any advice appreciated…Thanks


You need to account for damaged returns in your pricing.


So does this mean that if a customer wears and damages an item, they get refunded and we get no compensation at all as sellers?


Amazon. see if you’re eligible to put a claim in.


Thank you, will take a look


If you can’t add a margin to your products to allow for returns and you’re getting a volume of returns, I would consider the viability of this product. & consider return-less refund on the item since it’s unusable & you have to pay removal fees. To be fair, can you even re-sell tights that have been worn but returned not damaged?


It doesn’t look like we’re eligible but thanks for the info. Customers who damage items are sellers responsibility only and not Amazon’s.

We don’t resell any tights that have been worn or where the seal has even been broken. About 50% of our customer returns however are tights which remain fully sealed, new and unopened, where the customer has just changed their mind or has no longer needed them.

It was worth doing this when half the returns were new and sealed. However it looks as though some are taking advantage now and getting free tights for a night out, so I may have to change my stance on this and just dispose of the lot. Seems a waste for brand new tights to go into landfill but I can’t see another option


Well I must admit that doesn’t surprise me. Perhaps look into a return-less refund for them so you don’t have to pay removal fees but then they aren’t wasted & if most have no issue and keep them then you’re making money there. You could always donate them to a charity shop or sell to another vender