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We recently had a customer return, reason code is showing “customer-damaged” and the item was disposed of at the warehouse but I haven’t seen any reimbursement transaction on our account for the damaged item… I know that amazon will reimburse for warehouse-damaged items, but is this also something we can look into for customer-damaged items? I was able to find some information in the forums regarding items fullfilled by merchant. Since our items are at the warehouse we would not have access to take photos and the item is already disposed of and the return information was unclear to how the item was damaged. I couldn’t find any information specific to FBA… Would you recommend we open up a case file for the returned item? Has anyone had a successful reimbursement for customer-damaged, or a partial credit back to account for the customer-damaged item? Thank you in advance for your replies!


Unfortunately for FBA, customer damaged returns are seller funded and not subject to reimbursements.
Also Amazon will not check that the customer has given the correct return reason.
As your item is destroyed, proving otherwise is not possible and even if you request all customer returns to come back to you in future, there is no guarantee that opening a case with SS even with supporting evidence would be accepted because of the FBA terms and conditions which you have agreed to.


We’ve had loads of these and tried to fight it but all we get back is it’s part of the terms you signed when starting FBA. It’s so annoying


I feared that might be the case… thank you for the info!


You can sometimes get reimbursement for “customer damaged” if Amazon or their couriers are somehow at fault. The main example is when an item arrives with the customer in a damaged condition.

You’d need to get the item returned, take photos and submit a case, then usually appeal a couple of times before they relent and offer reimbursement. It’s not usually worth the hassle.

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