Customer demands refund of shipping costs!



A - Z claim .So delightfully predictable.

Customer issue: Different to what I ordered
Delivery estimate: 25 May 2019 - 20 June 2019
Customer comments: Return issue (no refund, replacement or insufficient credit)


Which template would you use for this one please?


Here is how I would respond:

“Hello, the order was delivered to the buyer on (date) according to it’s tracking number (xxxxx) by carrier (carrier name). The item which I shipped was exactly as described in the listing. The buyer never contacted me to say that there is anything wrong with the item, therefore the claim reason is invalid. The customer was simply demanding a refund of the shipping cost. A return was requested on (date) and authorised immediately, however nothing was returned and no return tracking information provided. I will issue a refund as soon as I receive the item back.”


Thanks Kika

I will update on how we get on.


I have represented my case to the A-Z team.

I keep getting ever more desperate messages from the buyer.

Changing the story all the time.

Complaining about the costs of postage the Cistercian’s if importing and the cost of returning the goods.

Complaining that I sell the item on my website for less.

Complaining that the item is not worth 29 Doris and she can’t afford to lose so much in postage costs.

Now just received another message with a change in tactics presumably to get me to foot the return bill !!

Reason for contact: Damaged, Defective or Incorrect Item

Details: Customer reported product has caused burn to his hair and product seems to be faulty. Please reach out to the customer and arrange for a return for a refund.

I continue to reiterate politely that a return has been agreed to and the refund will be applied accordingly once we receive the item back.

What more can I do.

This person has been an utter PIA even before the item was purchased.

FFS…some people !!


Since the buyer already opened an A-Z claim, which is currently being reviewed, you don’t need to communicate with him anymore.

I would adivse you to prepare a copy and paste response with which you will politely address any additional demands/threats from this buyer and wait for Amazon to deny the claim.

Stand your ground and don’t refund without receiving your item back (which is very unlikely to happen).


Please don’t add your problem to someone else’s post - it only confuses the thread


Please, accept my apologize. I’ve removed my post. I wont do this again in future.


So amazon have denied the claim. Which is understandable.

The buyer continues to message me daily now claiming the item is defective purely to instigate a different result. The story has changed on a daily basis.

Still wanting me to pay for a return and refund her import /customs costs.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until she opens up another A-Z with a different reason.

In the meantime I think I’m best just to reply that a refund is welcome once we receive the item back.

Does this change of tactics change my responses?


That’s good to know that the claim got denied, just like I told you it would.

Since the buyer keeps bombarding you with messages, simply keep responding to them with a pre-written copy and paste reply, which you should have prepared by now.

Wait for the item to arrive back, there is no reason to worry, the claim won’t get reopened unless your buyer sends the item back.


Yes that’s what I keep doing.

Thanks for your help Kika

Can they not open a new case with a new claim reason/ title ?


No, they cannot open a new A-Z claim over the same issue.

The original one will only be reopened after the buyer ships the item back.


But they can open a case with a different excuse.

Eg) item is faulty.

This would make me liable for the return costs ?

Given the message history I would like to think A-Z would see through this?


No, don’t worry about this anymore.

In case of any issues, just update your thread and I will give you instructions how to proceed.


This sounds like a good result

Thank goodness for Kika’s advice!


I would ask them what is wrong with the item, as Performance or quality not adequate implies this. I may be wrong but by using this reason also means you have to refund return costs??!!


‘I would ask them what is wrong with the item, as Performance or quality not adequate implies this. I may be wrong but by using this reason also means you have to refund return costs??!!’

They have ordered the wrong product and wish to use me like a buy and try service at my expense.There is nothing wrong with the product at all.

They are just trying every possible angle to get a refund of quite substantial postage and import duties and now return costs.

Why dont people just have the decency to accept they’ve basically cocked up, ordered something unsuitable and not done their research etc before ordering.

It wouldnt have been a problem if it was a UK sale, if they had been open and honest id have probably footed the bill as ive done on hundreds of occasions but its in the UAE which is expensive to ship to,expensive to import and expensive to return from and they’ve taken me for a mug and on principle i will not be swayed.


You are right, this is what Amazon buyers these days normally do once they realise they made a mistake - trying to put the blame on someone else and make them pay for it, especially since this was an online sale and they didn’t have any direct contact with the seller.

Just stand your ground, like I already advised you.


Predictably buyer now leves me a neagtive feedback

‘Seller is not cooperative i received defective item which damaged my hair and steam pod is leaking and he denies accusing me that o claim that because machine is high although i show photos and video and dont want to give me shipping charges and customes i paid and want me to loose 125 euro plus all the dsmage i get’

It make my blood boil ive been coperative,ive answered every message politely and profesionally All along even before the order was placed.This one was an utter PIA.!

I seeming will not have any way of fighting this despite an a - z claim being deinied.It seems so unfair !!


I would try and remove the feedback using the tool and then if it doesn’t work reopen the case and go through to SS where you should set out the negative feedback is in retaliation for the refused A-Z and that you have done everything in your power to professionally and consistently respond to the customer considering the situation. Don’t just give up on having this bad feedback on your record - it is sometimes possible to get it removed.


The feedback which you received doesn’t meet the criteria for removal, you can try requesting removal through the Feedback Manager feature, however opening duplicate cases after being denied would be a violation of Amazon’s Duplicate Cases Policy.