Customer granted FBA return and full refund after 18 Months!


Hello all,

As per the title really…I sold an item on 8th July 2018. Today, 14/2/2020 the customer has been issued a full refund, plus shipping (£5.99).

The item was a mobile phone, sold through FBA. It sold for £269.99, and now the same handset fetches £124.99 new…considerably less if used an 18 months old!

Surely Amazon’s policies shouldn’t allow such a late return, and the customer should have been directed to the manufacturer…Is there any point appealing this?

I no longer sell high value items through FBA due to other dodgy experiences, but am paying the price a year after making this decision!

Rant over…any help would be appreciated!


What was the reason for the return?


Theres nothing showing in FBA customer returns report yet (perhaps as the item has not been returned to the FC yet).

All the email states is 'Customer Return '.


Amazon ‘think’ we are in Europe and that includes some countries showing a 24 month guarantee (I pointed out before UK law applied even when we were in the EU, but they took no notice).

As they cannot arrange a repair, they say all are refunded.

Strangely, when bought direct from Amazon that does not always see to apply!

You cannot do much about it as they say you agreed to the Terms of selling on FBA. (if not defective, not faulty, then still raise with them, doubt you get anywhere though)

I’d highly suggest not to sell FBA, sell and fulfil yourself and then all items over 30 days can be repaired and shorter 1 year makers guarantees.

If SFP, you can at least only refund 50% or offer a repair to the Buyer, and/or put in a Safe-T Claim