Customer invoice request - Breach of SLA


Hi all, do you get punished if you fail to respond to a customer invoice request within 24hrs?
I responded 2.5hrs after the 24 hour deadline. I saw ‘breach of SLA in red’ when I went in to provide the invoice. It appears sales has kind of slowed since the incident yesterday or am I just been paranoid?


Haven’t had a request for invoice. If you’re registered for VAT, you could use Amazon’s automatic invoicing.


I recently registered for VAT and Amazon automatic VAT service which comes into effect at the end of this month. Thanks


Then I recommend using a free invoice generator online and upload invoices manually for all your orders until then. Once the service kicks in, it will not generate invoices for past orders, it will only generate for new orders.


Yes thanks @Ameliore, I actually use a free online invoice service for the odd invoice request and upload unto the customer account manually. I only do it if a customer requests an invoice and not for all orders. My concern is, am being punished for breaching the 24 deadline. Anyone had the same experience?


I don’t have any experience with that, so I have no idea.

But I’d advise to do it for every order instead of waiting for a request if your invoicing service doesn’t upload within the 24h.


There’s no need to do it for every order only business orders and orders where the customer has requested one.

Invoice requests are included in the 24 hour turnaround, and it’s likely not following it will result in some sort of hit to metrics in determining the buy box. The extent of the ‘punishment’ and the threshold (e.g. just one message responded to late, or does it need more?) aren’t things that will be easy to find out.


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.


Thanks, yes just the one miss - I hope they ‘let me off’ soon…


Maybe email seller performance


What’s SLA mean???


Good advice, will try that. Thanks


Service Level Agreement


I would strongly advise against emailing seller performance. As you probably know Amazon staff have a habit of misunderstanding correspondence then taking draconian action based upon it.


Well noted with thanks. Will be well advised.


The message SLA is no longer counted against you with the exception of customers that later file A-to-Z claims.
According to Amazon’s policies A-to-Z claims filed for any reason that have had even 1 late response from you will be automatically refunded with no option to appeal.


I always respond quickly but sales are still very slow unless you are paying for advertising and paying paying paying…so I wouldn’t put it down to not responding quickly.


Hi @Clearanceshed Please can you share the policy link to where this is mentioned… It would be useful for clarification, since I have not heard about that. Thanks


Service Level Agreement - A contract agreed between you and the buyer when they decided to buy your product. It’s similar to T&C’s but for the service provided by the seller to the buyer.

In relation to this: I think the contract outlines that the seller will give an invoice within 24 hours of a request.

Amazon and the buyer understands that things can come up, so its okay if your invoice is late, and no, it shouldn’t affect your sales from my knowledge. As long as you try and get most of your invoices on time, its okay if a couple are held back due to demand or because you’re resting on the weekend.


Thanks, I had a quick glance at the A-toZ claims process a while ago. Probably good to now give it a good read.