Customer invoice request - Breach of SLA


Hmmm I hope so, thanks.


Hi Skwamy

I have missed a couple of them before and there has been no impact at all, so nothing to worry about


@Lennyonline, that’s comforting to know. I normally deal with all invoice requests the same night but that one slipped through the net.
In a few days time, my Amazon VAT automated invoicing service will kick in so one less thing to worry about…


@TwodoorGeorge and others - thanks for all your input and assurances. Much appreciated. Guess I will sleep easy now…


Cool! I never knew free invoice generator existed. Any particular ones you recommend please?


I would have to dig through the (really long) seller terms to actually find where the updated version is mentioned in specific detail but they briefly mention it here:
(at the top in the yellow highlight)

If a claim is filed and we find that you have not responded to the customer’s contact within 72 hours, we will grant the claim and debit the amount from your account.

iirc the updated version of this rule says 48 hours, but their automated systems trigger if you’ve gone over the 24 hour SLA and the appeal button then doesn’t show up so appealing becomes near-impossible.


There is one by Amazon under tax settings

And there is this one I used to manually generate and upload: