Customer paid tax through ioss but UPS and DPD still demading payment


To think that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Brexit disaster, at least from EU to UK we only have one system to deal with and UK to EU there are 26, so I think 2022 is optimistic for a smooth transfer.
Some sellers do not seem to realise that their EORI number has to be communicated electronically via the courier to show VAT payment on IOSS.


This seem to be especially bad in Ireland currently.

I’m getting 8-10 messages daily from Irish customers being asked to pay VAT plus admin charges on IOSS imports.

It should never have been rolled out until every country was ready.

We’re very close to just terminating EU sales for the foreseeable.



Did you put the IOSS number in to the online booking form portal or just print the invoices and put this on the parcel?

Unless the IOSS number and marked VAT paid is given electronically they will be charged


I send by DPD around 30 parcels a week to Europe and not 1 issue


We have had around 80% of our Irish parcels returned by An Post which were dispatched in the past month. The tracking states they sit in Irish customs for two to three weeks then they will be returned to sender. Customer receives no correspondence from An Post regarding the parcel. Once received back by us the return label from An Post always states ‘Refused’.

We have pulled our Spain / Italy dispatches as the delivery service there has always been sub-standard, now more so chronic. We hope Ireland can pull its delivery service into line sooner rather than later.


Me too, I have posted lots of stuff with Royal Mail to Germany and France without a single issue up until today a few days ago.

I had a Royal Mail that was given to La poste in France and the customer is then saying they won’t release the parcel without paying the charges. I checked the IOSS was printed on the label and the docs and invoice and take to the La poste office.

The first of 2 issues I said to take the receipt down to the post office and it was released without charge

The second one came in yesterday and asked them to do the same but they came back and said they were not acceptable and I should deal with it at my end.

It is an issue not knowing who should be handling it. Everyone passes it off to each other. I must have sent around 300ish parcel abroad under IOSS and today is the second issue I had with Royal Mail so this is not exclusive to DPD and UPS.


Yes i applied for my EORI 6 months before you could use one! Always apply it on the booking form electronicly and add it to the paperwork.
I may try Parcelforce as what im reading from this forum less problems.
If not successful i will take my EU products off untill 2022 . Giving more in refunds than im earning!


What about the IOSS number.


My items weigh around 23 KG so im limited as too what couriers i can use. Not sure if a different department would deal with heavier items and maybe not got the hang of the ioss system yet .Or ive been vey unlucky!


Weved had a handful of times where someone at a local depot has been overzealous… but its hardly any and they were all around the start of the IOSS - When RM’s IOSS logo wasn’t showing up.


EORI number is not the same as IOSS number both numbers need to be applied electronically


Yes we have automated software which crested IOSS compliant Royal Mail labels.

We dispatch around 500 items per week to Europe.


They are, the whole thing is a shambles and I have given up completely selling to the EU. But the most annoying this is that I have lost all my customers in Ireland as well and that is where most of my regular EU orders were from.

I am facing very large additional costs to import products and my prices are going to reflect that. What a mess, after working all my life building up a business it has been wreaked by a process that is completely outwith my control.

Everything I feared about all of this has happened and it is even worse than I imagined it would be.


I’ve sent a number of packages now through IOSS, almost all ‘Royal Mail Tracked & Signed SP’. This is only going to work for higher priced items I expect as it’s a more expensive postage option, but a couple of comments:

  1. The IOSS seems to be seller-linked, so it is the same for you for all of the products you sell - I haven’t worked out if it’s listing-linked, but I have only sent one of our listings to the EU, albeit quite a few times now, and the IOSS is always the same.
  2. We are fulfilling MFN/FBM.
  3. We put the IOSS and the Amazon Order ID on the package label, just under the recipient’s address.
  4. We post from our local post office, they attach the Royal Mail sticker showing how much we’ve paid, the IOSS sticker (writing on Amazon as the marketplace), an Airmail sticker, and the Customs Declaration Form (which needs to be filled out with details that match the IOSS account).
  5. Most of our packages seems to be getting through, but there are exceptions with Belgian Post, Spanish Post, and even one in Germany at the moment. We have had 25 packages go out to the EU recently, with only 3 currently having issues and being stuck at customs.
  6. All packages have been under EUR 150, but we recently had to send one where the value was over EUR 150 because the buyer ordered 2x of the item - that sounds great, but it meant that we couldn’t send as 2x single packages under IOSS as Amazon hadn’t registered it under the usual EU IOSS system because the total value was over EUR 150. We tried to ask the buyer to cancel their order and make two separate orders for the product (ironically that would have meant both were under EUR 150 and would therefore register under Amazon’s IOSS system) but the buyer was not interested - so we sent via TNT (through ParcelCompare). I don’t know yet whether it will arrive without issues, but it got picked up yesterday, and today is already in Germany (Freiburg) so we’re hoping for good things!

Hope this is of some help…


Hi .
Yes i understand that . I apply both electronically via the online booking system. Also include in paperwork . Seems i am similar problems to other sellers.
I will try Parcelforce and see if any easier.


We did have some problems with DPD in that they were sending duty paid (DDP) when we only required delivered at place. They did refund us.


Thanks but as my items are 23 kg i cant use Royal mail .
I will try adding the information on the label as well .
At the minute i am adding the EORI and IOSS electronically when booking collection and including it printed in with the customs documents.
If somebody wants to find them they are there!


You are doing something wrong, maybe not supplying the full electronic details, I ordered 5 items from Amazon on Monday and they arrived this morning with no issues, An Post will deliver all parcels received within 2 days if the correct information is there, I send over 100 a day to the UK and I have no issues either. They will only hold items if the paperwork is wrong, they are set up and it works.


Yes i put it in the box that says " IOSS number "
All information electronicly and on paperwork correctly applied.
Everything was fine before July 1st. All customs documents in perfect order as of Januray 1st . No problem with EORI .
Its the IOSS number that they appear to ignore. I may also now apply both on the address label in addition to the paperwork and electronicly .


Hi there - you would think so, however our processes are correct. Full IOSS data supplied for eBay / Amazon orders, electronically tagged through dispatch software. EORI numbers displayed on CN22 forms, full values, full product codes, all there. Some are being delivered, majority are not. A conversation with our business manager in Royal Mail confirmed they are aware of issues namely with Italy, Ireland and Spain and a ‘bottle-necking’ scenario in their customs departments.

Contrary to above experiences, we have had no issues with Germany, France or any other Euro country who we ship to on a weekly basis. As always, Australia, Norway etc are business as usual.