Customer refund - Reason 'General Adjustment'


New to the Forum.
Need a bit of educating.
I sell FBA. I have recently had a couple of Customer Refunds. The email from Amazon gives the Reason as ‘General Adjustment’.
1 order for £35 1 order for £18. 2 different customers.
What does this mean? and should the order be returned and added back to my FBA stock.
Can someone explain, thanks.


This means there has been a refund of some sort. Amazon email you to tell you when any refund has been provided to your customers, even when Amazon fund it themselves. Check in your transaction reports to see whether it’s Amazon funded or not.


Hi Barry

On checking one of them. It doesn’t say its Amazon funded, just been taken from my account balnance

Do we not get any other explanation/comment other than ‘General Adjustment’


Nope. You could contact seller support to see whether they can find out what the refund was for.


Ok i’ll try that. Thanks Barry


I’ve had this for example when an order can’t be delivered. When the item arrives back to Amazon you can get more info under reports and then FBA and customer returns.


Thanks very much. I will keep an eye on that.