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So, Having launched a few months ago, I have a couple of reviews for some items, but my bestselling item has no reviews, which i felt was odd. So I have been trying to work out why, and what to do about it.

So just now I went onto my normal amazon account (the one I use to purchase things), and clicked on ‘be the first to review this item’ to see what happened.

I got an error message saying :‘Something went wrong. We are currently unable to accept a review for this product’

Can anyone answer why this could be the case please?

I am a bit miffed by this.


Could it be that Amazon have detected that you are the seller of the product, therefore are not allowed to leave a review.

Can you post the ASIN and someone could see if the same thing happens?


You can’t review your own products - even if from a separate buying account.

I would strongly advice against attempting to add a product review for your item - it could result in permanent account suspension


Do you as a buyer qualify to be able to review? Customers also need to be eligible.

To make sure your product is eligible to accept reviews you can check below, just enter the ASIN at the end of the link.


I would say that this is the most likely reason!


Thank you, yes I have heard that Amazon are highly strict on reviews, and obviously for good reasons! I did check one of my other products and the same occurred.(genuinely I wasn’t planning to leave a review, I just wanted to see the process).

The ASIN is: B07NDXWP41

Thank you



Yes it is letting me create an unverified review for B07NDXWP41.
But I won’t be pressing the submit button. ( which is not greyed out) :wink:


Thank you - that answers my question!

I really appreciate that. As a new seller, its quite interesting learning about all these ‘quirks’ and so on, this forum, and the likes of you, has been a huge help.

Thank you again for your time,



@Nodrog…apologies I didn’t have time to explain my comment! I had done the same as you a few months ago and found that it was my linked information (personal account and seller account) that had blocked me from leaving any review. The only reason I had tried to do this was to test to see if this was something that a non-ethical competitor had done to us/ could do to us!

All the best

Lee :slight_smile:


Thank you Lee, much obliged,

All the best,



Same with me - I would be able to leave a review on this ASIN


Thank you Carol

All the best,


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