Customer sent back used item


Customer sent back a used item , one that I dont even sell , instead of what I sent them , what should I do . amazon have autherized the refund


have amazon already refunded the customer?

open a safe-t claim and give them all the information and photographs of what has come back

fingers crossed - you should be ok


Open a safe t claim
Take picture of packaging with return label, the product and any other information that’s relevant


Using the product and returning the product is actually against Amazon own policy. SAFE-T claims appear to be designed to identify buyers who abuse the Amazon returns policy where the seller is expected to upload photographic or video evidence to show how the order is returned.


Out of interest, what was the reason for the return request ?


It wasn’t only used, it was an item that the OP doesn’t even sell.


This happened to us and we contacted Amazon straight away. They just told us to cancel the return and we heard no more about it.


Thank you for your reply , I did open a case , because amazon did refund customer . and yesterday amazon replied to the case and have credited my account smile: . I am hoping they take the money back from the customer


I have opened a case with Amazon Seller Support and they have charged my account. I have messaged the customer, but no reply. No surprise !!!


Amazon was so quick to refund her, but when I have opened a case, Amazon have charged my account.