Customer Service you must be joking


Using Everi purchased from Amazon - customer ordered item 20 November despatched the following day - customer contacts us last Friday stating they had not received the item.
Checked Tracking - The parcel had not moved since 24 November.
Contacted Everi - Because the shipping had been purchased through Amazon I was informed that that I was required to use their Customer Chat Line
I registered the complaint on Monday and received a reference number be e-mail stating they would be investigating.
Checking the Tracking again this morning the parcel has still not moved, still no response from Everi!!1

Consequently I have refunded the customer £81.50 -

Please note Amazon & Everi - This is Customer Service!!!


I have 2 EVRI parcels stuck for over 2 weeks and I am asking customers to wait at the moment and not going down the refund route. So far neither of them have taken it to the next level and raised a claim.

EVRI normally respond to incidents via their Bot within 48 hours. Sometimes this does get the package moving again (not always though)

A couple of other stuck parcels did get delivered so I know there is still a chance of the others going through (although my confidence is low)

If you have sent via Buy Shiping I would (in future) hold on as long as possible. You should be protected from A-Z defects and negative feedback from EVRI issues. You still have to pay out the claim value though.


One of my parcels suddenly moved after two weeks, EVRI is awful but it’s one of the two options in Buy Shipping, the other one is Royal Mail laughing hysterically


I have said before EVRI is very hit and miss. Some parcels are being delivered within 2 days which is great, most are delivered before 5 days is up which means they meet my shipping promise.

Only a few are going longer but I really don’t see the need to refund at the moment unless I get a lot of pressure from a customer to do so (which I am not seeing). The stuck ones are a worry, my longest is the 24th November which is 3 weeks now.

I think in this instance I am happy to take the A-Z if it happens and hope Amazon stick by their promise it won’t impact my account. Anyway I can take at least 3 A-Z’s before it puts me over the dreaded 1% so it is worth holding out for now.

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