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Hi… I recently launched a product on AMZ.UK. I have been informed customers are not being able to leave reviews, with a message from AMZ stating “sorry we are unable to accept your review on this product”.
I have raised a case but I haven’t heard back and the case is showing as transferred.
Any thoughts…??
(I am using a 3rd party email service - however I do not believe I have broken any ToS/the 3rd party has also checked and they believe I am not breaking any ToS)


Not sure how this relates to your query?

But regarding your query, it is possible that the system has linked the persons making the reviews to yourself as the seller.

If you have offered incentives or free products or whatever for “customers” or friends to leave reviews (and it certainly sounds like it but apologies if not), you’ll soon find yourself in hot water.

It takes weeks and months for reviews to start dribbling in so if you recently launched it, it is unreasonable to expect reviews so soon.


Since the beginning of April, Amazon has been restricting the ability of buyers to post reviews on newly launched product pages, which received a suspiciously high amount of reviews over a short period of time.

There are hundreds of posts about this on the Amazon US forum. I would advise you to stop soliciting product reviews using a 3rd party software or you will soon be unable to get any reviews.


Kika is being too kind to you. She means you will be suspended.


Thanks @0-0.
The information about the 3rd party email service was more to highlight if anyone else has had specific issues when launching and/or using a customer services/feedback email follow up.
I have not, in any way, offered incentives for reviews.
I have used discount codes to help get the product ‘sales’ going.
Comment about level of reviews, noted, thanks


Thanks @Kika.
I will check out the US forums.
As I understand I am not infringing ToS by using a common 3rd party follow up email tool? I am not asking for specific feedback in lieu of product. I use the email to 1. add value and 2. open dialogue to resolve any issue and 3. (of course) make it easy for the customer to leave a review (+'ve or -'ve!)


I have been affected with leaving reviews for items I have purchased in full. I have been in contact with Amazon customer services and apparently it is a known issue that is being worked upon. However, I am yet to receive an idea of when this will be resolved and it has been several weeks now. To make it clear I have not written incentivised reviews, they are full price purchases. I suspect it may have something to with my Vine account as the first response I had was:
21/May - “We are experiencing a technical issue preventing some Vine Voices from submitting Vine reviews. We are working towards a resolution on this issue as soon as possible.”
26/May - “We are currently working on the issue. It should be resolved within 48 hrs time. This is the maximum time and it could be resolved anytime within this given period. This issue has happened to most vine members.”
27/May - “There is still a technical issue that is affecting Vine customers across the site, and our technical team is still working on resolving this. As the issue still stands, we are unable to allow Vine items to be reviewed at present.”
8/Jun - I phoned customer services and was told there is still an issue with some accounts not being able to post reviews
It isn’t just Vine reviews, but verified purchases too. I think sellers should complain if you think lost reviews are affecting business.
Hope this helps


You’re not breaking any rules by using a 3rd party email tool, however Amazon generally suggests in multiple places that you don’t need it, since it duplicates emails Amazon sends anyway (they don’t always send them).
It should be noted that you cannot ask a customer to leave a positive review, the request should be completely neutral.
i.e. “please click here to leave a review of this product” is ok but “if you liked this product, please leave us a positive review” isn’t.


Thanks @PandaValue and @SBno1.


Note the following FYI, which came from AMZ (via a trusted third party).

My listing is still not accepting any reviews. All my written cases to SC get immediately transferred. Today I (finally) managed to reach someone on the SC phone helpdesk. They said they were able to add a review, however they would refer it to a technical team for monitoring. In my case-log in SC, I now have an open ticket… fingers crossed :slight_smile:

  1. Am I allowed to use discount codes to sell products to customers?
    YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE DISCOUNT CODES TO SELL PRODUCTS TO BUYERS, but you’re not allowed to indicate that the discount is being given in exchange for a review. Reviews are permitted long as there is no compensation.

  2. Can I still request that customers leave a review of that product after they’ve purchased it?
    YOU CAN STILL REQUEST THAT A BUYER REVIEW A PRODUCT through buyer-seller messaging after they purchased the product, so long as this request meets the following criteria:
    Requests cannot offer the buyer compensation of any kind,
    Requests cannot engage the buyer multiple times with requests on a single order

  3. Are Amazon buyers who purchase using discount codes permitted to leave a review? & if so, should buyers purchase products using claim codes leave a disclaimer in their reviews?

To sum up, you can offer a discount and you can request a review but these actions must be separate and cannot depend on each other in any way.

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