Customise button has been moved?


Is it me or has Amazon made a change to the site? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Previously the customise button was right there on the listing page, but today it is found under
"See All Buying Options"

This has affected our sales - not a single sale today. Normally we get 5 or more.

Does anyone know why this happened, and is there a way to get the customise button back where it “should” be?

(Can you tell we’re still learning?)



That means you have lost the buy box

Is it just one asin ?
Has your odr increased ?
Or have you raised the price ?


The thing is there are no competitors on our pages - as they are customised business cards… So previously it was only just us - straight to customise.

ODR is the same and no price changes.

The only thing I can think of the the LUCID thing, but we don’t supply to Europe - UK only.


That shouldn’t be an issue

Is it just one asin or all ?

Do you sell cheaper elsewhere ?


Thanks for your input on this - I have loads to learn.

We only sell on AZ.

It’s for all of our items.

We have enrolled a brand overnight 2 days ago, but our other items are brand Generic and yesterday they were untouched, so I dont think it’s that.

Could it be because we are not subscribed to Seller Fulfilled Prime? Others around us seem to not be either, but have retained he customise button.

It’s very strange


No it shouldn’t be anything to do with your brand or sfp

Usually you’d loose the buy box on only specific asins if amazon deem your price too high, either because you’ve raised the price or, you sell them cheaper off amazon ie your own website etc

If its all asins, it’s usually an account issue ie a-z rates or negative feedback taking your ODR above 1%

Whats one of your asins ?



this is one of our most active listings.


Your 30 day feedback is 100% negative so may affect your bb eligibility

The irony is the customer is complaining about spelling mistakes (which no doubt are their own as its customised) and has made spelling mistakes in their comment :roll_eyes:


It’s probably this. :disappointed_relieved:

It was the customer’s own spelling mistake - and he re-ordered a second set of cards! Is there any way to dispute?


Yes thats it - ODR over 1%

Have you requested the removal of the feedback comment?



At least I understand now. That was last week! We cant have to wait for a month to get the box back?


No, I didn’t know we could do that.


Go to your feedback page - performance - feedback
And next to the comment is a drop down box where you can click request removal
On the next page where it says is it a product review etc, click yes


I can see its gone …


So I have done that, so has reflected in the ODR. Thank you for the help - honestly, super helpful

Hopefully the customise box will be back soon. :slight_smile:


It may not be instant but should come back soon

If it hasn’t in the next day or so, try going into one of your listings in inventory and click edit then just click save - sometimes that works


Mega - thanks for the help. Much appreciate. :slight_smile:


Blockquote The irony is the customer is complaining about spelling mistakes (which no doubt are their own as its customised) and has made spelling mistakes in their comment :roll_eyes:

Exactly. Cant even make it up. :laughing:

BB not back yet for me, but hopefully in tie for the weekend like you said. Fingers crossed sales will catch up from the lost time.