Customise Now - Surface Image Displaying Intermittently - Conversion Dropped


I’ve noticed that the surface image after a customer clicks ‘Customise Now’ button does not always display the surface image. The customer is met with the personalisation boxes but no surface image.
This seems to be a bug on the Amazon app. It’s happening intermittently on many customised products, not just my own.

I’ve noticed my conversion has dropped in the last few days, and I think it could be to do with this.

Has anyone else that sells customised products noticed a drop in conversion over the last 3 days.
I’ve contacted seller support, but they just gave me instructions on how to create a surface image in customisation, which did not answer my question.


If the customer clicks the back button and then clicks ‘customise now’ again, it works and displays correctly.


Whats one of your asins ?


Hi, one of my products is B07WK1MVVN


That’s worked OK for me

Using chrome on tablet


I’ve noticed it on the APP only using Iphone. Happened on other peoples products too and other iphones. Very strange.