CX Health Rankings


Hi Forum members,

What’s your experience been like with the CX health rankings metric? (under Account Health - Voice of the Customer).

We have a couple of ASINs that have NCX due to them being FBA Small and Light inventory, every negative experience involves customers receiving the wrong item.

Do you know if there is a way to locate orders that suffered from NCX? The comments received are not within the product reviews or general customer feedback and I’d love to at least point these customers towards Amazon so they can get a refund or have the correct item sent to them. (I’m not sure Small & Light orders are eligible for returns)

When clicking on “take action” to improve CX health for the affected ASINs, the only options are to edit the listing or dispose of inventory - a bit harsh considering!


According to Amazon’s help page, the NCX rate is the number of orders for which the customer reported a product or listing issue divided by total orders. Amazon listens to customer feedback across returns, refunds, customer service contacts and product reviews.

All NCX feedback and customer comments that you see in the Voice of the Customer dashboard are tied to items sourced by your business. However, if you participate in the manufacturer barcode programme, they may not have been sold by you.


Generally those comments are notes that have been written by Amazon’s customer service team when the customer has contacted them, the comments can occasionally also be taken from feedback or product reviews.


Thanks for your reply @Kika . I take your point that it’s theoretically tied to items sourced by our business. However in this case we are a brand, selling a very small range of products whereby no other offers exist on our listings (use FNSKU barcodes also). On instances whereby customers have reported an item unrelated to the one purchased, it has always been delivered from the S&L warehouse.

It would be nice for this to be factored in, otherwise we just pick up NCX as a result of something we have no control over. I guess for now all we can do is monitor and hope the NCX % remains low…


It could be related to issues such as the barcodes becoming unscannable due to creases/rips/etc. whether or not this is beyond your control is another matter… It could simply be Amazon’s robots picking up the wrong shelf and the picker being too rushed to pick the item to care about reporting the error.