DE Block - Out of Curiosity.... what's Amazon UK and the UK HMRC's VAT position on the EU sellers doing PAN EU FBA in the UK but do not have a valid UK VAT certificate number?


Out of Curiosity… does anyone know what is the UK HMRC’s and Amazon’s VAT position for all the EU sellers selling FBA in the UK - that should be UK VAT registered, but are not ?

I am guessing a lot of German based sellers will now see a dramatic increase in business since all the blocked sellers have gone from the DE platform… Surely this should be the same for UK sellers still competing with EU FBA sellers that do not have a UK VAT Certificate nor pay the relevant VAT Tax to the HMRC?

Is there a UK deadline? I see that (Amazon) France will follow suit in January 2020


Good morning 2018 :wink:

Everyone has it´s VAT number…

Deadline is Oct./31 aka. Brexit