"DE-only" EFN fees?



I know for Germany-only FC storage (no Czech Rep. and Poland), local fulfillment fees add 0.50 Euros. But what about EFN fees from Germany-only FC?

Start at 3.74 Euro, or (3.74+0.50) = 4.24 Euro?


‘bump’ really need the answer to this


Without the 50 cents. It’s being fulfilled from the UK, not Germany :wink:


I am planning to have fulfillment from Germany as well cuz of Brexit. I don’t speak German, hence why I’m posting this in the UK forums. So I am asking about fulfillment from Germany, but not enrolled in the Eastern European Programme (hence the extra 0.50 fee).


The first quote you mentioned about was about EFN - this is therefore UK stock, UK fulfillment to Germany!

You stated you knew about the Germany only stock vs East European stock.

So what’s your question now?

But if you’re talking about EFN prices from Germany to the UK, then you would probably best get a German seller tell you that.


No, I said in OP EFN fees from Germany FC, not from UK FC.

Yes I’m hoping to have somebody who knows about this to share their thoughts.