De-registering VAT - IOSS still indicating for EU orders


We’ve de-registered for VAT with HMRC.

We’ve informed Amazon last week by removing our VAT number from Amazon’s page

This screen is now indicating no VAT number in the UK or in our European stores.

Any sales to the UK are now indicating zero VAT as expected.

However any sales to buyers in EU countries are still indicating VAT and IOSS order.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


They will do, you use amazons ioss number to ship them if under €150 or send them DDP if over €150

That’s the same whether you are uk vat registered or not


Amazon is responsible for collecting the VAT on orders (below the value of 150 EUR) to the EU through IOSS and should for this reason still include VAT, percentage depending on the country it’s being shipped to.


Don’t forget now you have deregistered , you will now also pay vat on amazon fees too


So why are they no longer providing their IOSS number for our shipping labels?


Are the ioss details on the order ?


Hello, they are coming through on the Amazon order screen as IOSS orders, but the IOSS number is no longer appearing on our shipping labels.


That shouldn’t be affected by vat registration
Are you using c&d or a 3rd party ?


Can you confirm if Amazon are or are not providing the IOSS number as your posts seem to contradict.

Amazon most definitely should be providing it as they are responsible for the VAT

However, what you will find is that Amazon remove VAT element and then re-add it back in for customer. So customer pays exactly the same as you advertised it for but your disbursement will be less as it wont have the VAT element (the fact you are have not applied VAT makes no difference on these sales). For example, you advertise at £12 on UK site
When selling to someone in UK you get £12 - minus fees
When selling to the EU you get £12 - VAT element of the country being sent to (varies from country to country. Ireland is 21% so you would get £9.91) - minus fees
If you were VAT registered then you would receive £12 - minus fees but would owe HMRC £2


We’re with Linnworks - perhaps the problem is occurring there rather than Amazon?


Sounds like it if the ioss info is on the order


I agree - problem seems to be Linnworks
The IOSS number is always the same anyway - so you could perhaps manually add it for now until Linnworks solves the problem


I’ve been told the Amazon IOSS number is now being sent digitally to the courier so nothing to worry about apparently. Thanks for your help.


By whom? If you are consigning and shipping parcels yourself I doubt Amazon have any way to ‘electronically’ pass it to your courier.


Hi where can you find the Amazon fees showing VAT ?


There should be an option to show the vat
If not, just add on 20%