Deactivated on French Marketplace


Hi guys. Could you help me ? My main marketplace is on Germany.
I did not so many orders on another marketplaces, but were was something.
I just one A-Z Garantie 1/ 37 orders- so my seller metrics get low.
I have a phone from seller service, asked for plan of action, I send this, main problem was though I contacted with customer english + french, she doesnt try to understand and lie- even I have proof direct from GLS that she said this. I have information from GLS that she will pick up package on her request from centtal, but she did not. Anyway.

  1. I send plan of action
  2. I send follow up plan of action for amazon request
  3. no respond for 1 month. I created 2 cases- no respond as well. ( I contacted by chat on + by case on amazon fr.
    What I should do? please help maybe someone has similiar experience.