Deactivated Spanish Account Issue - unable to resolve despite repeated attempts


We are the UK’s largest thermometer manufacturer. We sell to over 35 countries globally and also sell on Amazon (UK, Germany, France, Italy and prior to the issue Spain) In June 2018 we had an issue with Amazon Spain, France & Italy.

The issue was that metrics on all three fell below those required due to a small number of items arriving after the expected date of delivery in the case of Spain one late item (by a day) and one item arrived defective. Sales in all countries apart from UK were low volume at that time as we had only recently enabled International Listings. This of itself rendered one late arrival and one defective product to push the metrics over the required level in Spain. In both cases these were addressed by our customer services department.

I undertook an in-depth review of the reasons for this and submitted an (identical) appeal to all three. Apologising for the issue arising in the first place and addressing why the issue had happened and steps taken to ensure it would not happen again.

France and Italy reinstated our selling privileges immediately. Spain did not, their last message stating I had not shown how defective items issue would be addressed when in fact I had explained how - in some detail. In the end I gave up as it seems nothing I said was satisfactory to Amazon Spain.

However I am now facing an issue where one of our products is being mis-described by another seller and on trying to Change this through Brand Registry where we registered both ETI (2014) and Thermapen (2017) as brands ETI has dropped off for some reason and I cannot re-enroll the brand due to the Amazon Spain account issue. I have tried once more to try and get the Amazon Spain case looked at, but seller performance Spain will not re-open it.

So in short we are in a situation where as a manufacturer we cannot get wrongly described or titled products we manufacture corrected. Is there anyone that can help us either resolve the Spain issue or if not is there any way we can completely delete Spain as a market and clear the issue to enable re-enrolling ETI in Brand Registry?


Hello ETI_Ltd1,

Abel here to assist

First of all thank you for taking the time to writing us regarding your account.

I have read the situation you have posted and I’d like to work with you to solve this issue.

So basically in your case it is better to reinstate your account first. To be able to do that you need to provide a plan of action that addresses all defects on your orders. You need to state the root causes of the defects, your solutions to that root causes ( what you have done so far by now to solve the root causes) and your future remedies in order to avoid the similar issues in the future.

To be able to do that, first of all i recommend you to download the Order Defect Rate Report ( sellercentral/performance/account health -> click on Order Defect Rate and then please download the report where you can find the related defected orders you need to mention in your POA and please investigate the related orders on the list to be able to identify the defect types as you’ll need to address them all.

Later you need to state what you have done to solve the issue and your future remedies.

I’d like to keep assisting you with your POA so that you can provide a viable one.
if you could post your POA here I’d like to review it before sending it?

Please let us know.

Thank you



Hi Abel

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I have tried what you suggested as regards the ODR report unfortunately the order defect rate report option I see is only for the last 60 days where the defect rate is 0%

Furthermore Amazon Seller Performance team in Spain emailed me the following response:


Dear business partner:
After a detailed review, I have found that in order to appeal this decision you must request the appeal of the decision in the performance panel, writing to the email directly will not be useful since this email is no longer used.
When you make the appeal I advise you to add the action plan that you mentioned in this email,
If it does not work, it is because the decision is final and this team is no longer accepting applications for the moment.


The Reactivate your account panel is unusable as they have turned this off so I cannot even respond to them by the means they are suggesting!
My last POA to them last year was the following:

I would firstly like to apologise on behalf of ETI to Amazon for any inconvenience caused to Amazon customers in Spain. It is clear to me that our usual high standards of customer service fell short in this instance.

I have undertaken an in-depth review of the causes of the performance issues and have arranged for the following procedural changes when dealing with customers of Amazon Spain. The following changes are being made immediately.

In order to ensure that goods arrive within the expected delivery and are able to be tracked online, all orders from will in future be sent via UPS courier with tracking number. Our Customer Service and despatch departments have been given clear instructions that Amazon orders are to be given priority above all others in future.

Plainly, relying on standard postal delivery has failed to ensure items are delivered on time, and sometimes not at all! By using UPS courier these issues will not happen in the future and all customers will receive their orders within the appropriate timescale.

During the review I also looked at minimising any potential defective order issues. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance department at ETI owing to the large volume of sales we process annually, (more info here: The standard quality checks made previously were rigorous ‘batch checks’ made on one in ten items.
In order to ensure that NO item is delivered to an any Amazon customer is defective in future I have amended the Quality Assurance department’s procedure so that now, every single item sent to an Amazon customer will be fully checked and rigorously tested for both operation and accuracy/specification before it is securely packed and dispatched to the customer. ETI is quality certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and we take care to ensure all our products meet expectations.

This should guarantee that no Amazon item is ever delivered in a defective state.

Both these changes should eradicate any issues with either:
a) Product defects
b) late delivery
c) product non-arrival

Future performance will be closely monitored by our internal Quality Department, enabling us to rapidly address and remedy any issues that may require attention from time to time.

I hope that this fully answers any questions you may have regarding future seller performance and that you will be able to grant selling privileges on once more


Hello ETI_Ltd1,

Figaro typing. I’d like to help with your appeal.

I’ll start by pointing out that your plan of action (POA) contains some very valid information. However, it does not follow some of the POA requirements that would make it viable.

Before having a closer look at the actual remedies, I’d like to address the structure of your POA.

A viable POA follows this three-point structure:

  • Root causes of the issue(s).
  • Reactive measures that address the problem(s).
  • Proactive measures that will stop the issue(s) from reoccurring in the future.

The POA you posted on this thread does not follow the above structure. Let’s zoom in on your POA:

Here you have briefly mentioned the root cause for the delivery issues, but the cause of defective items is not mentioned at all.

For a first section of a POA, you might want to go into more details as to why you have been sourcing and/or selling defective items.

The second section of the POA - where you should list the reactive measures you have taken - has been skipped: have you offered an immediate solution to customers who experienced issues with delivery and functioning of the items? Have you offered a replacement or a refund to the customers?

This should be specified in the second section of the POA.

The third section should group all proactive actions that will prevent these issues from reoccurring in the future. I want to say that the remedies you have proposed seem valid:

UPS services will definitely improve your delivery performance. The courier will ensure punctual delivery, and tracking numbers are going to be a crucial part of the positive order experience for Amazon customers.

As for the defective items:

I want to point out that this measure might be tricky in case you should decide to source products from other manufacturers, as this would imply unpacking and repacking the actual product that you send to the customer. However, since you are the manufacturer of the products, this seems to be a very valid remedy.

I invite you to redact and submit a new POA, following the Amazon guidelines (which, by the way, you can also read by clicking here!).

I hope these tips will help you to get your selling privileges back!



Hi Figaro
Thanks for the assistance - I have attached a revised plan below - comments welcome on whether this is good enough?
KInd regards

Dear Seller Performance Team
Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to appeal our account suspension.

We understand that Amazon take all seller performance failures very seriously and would like to outline below our plan of action to prevent similar complaints in future.

What went wrong:
One customer recieved a defective order
One customer recived order day after expected arival date due to problem with delivery from Spanish postal service

What we have done to resolve:
All affected customers were refunded for failure to arrive/defective unit
We responded to all buyer messages in a timely manner and alo reached out to customers who left negative feedback
We have extended our handling time to ensure customers have a realistic expectation of product arrival times
We have initiated pre-dispatch quality checks on every product sent out to Amazon customers

What we will do in future:
Closely monitor all shipments to Spain
Give priority to Amazon Orders in Our dispatch department to ensure the go out within 24 hours
In order to ensure that goods arrive within the expected delivery and are able to be tracked online, all orders from will in future be sent via UPS courier with tracking number. Our Customer Service and despatch departments have been given clear instructions that Amazon orders are to be given priority above all others in future.

We believe this plan will fully address all issues and enable you to reinstate our selling privileges.


Dear ETI_Ltd1

Thank you for posting your POA here.

The plan now follows the required structure. This is very good!

The remedies you have explained are also quite strong, which will increase your chances of getting your account reinstated.

Let’s address the weak points of the POA now:

We all know what the customer complained about. The section of the root causes should give insights into why the customer received a defective item. Like the previous POA, this one skips the explanation for defective items. This cannot be left out, if you want to send a strong POA.

You have completely cut some good parts of the previous plan, which is something I do not understand:

The whole digression about

was a very good explanation of the order that had a defective item delivered to a customer. Why did you exclude this part completely?

Last but not least, I want to give a few extra tips before you send your POA:

  • When you mention time frames, always include specific numbers. This shows that you are not just listing generic measures. How many days of handling time did you have before the change? How many have you added?

Same goes for when you mention:

  • Did you know that Amazon expects you to reply to customer enquiries within 24 hours? This could be a good datum to include in your POA, to make sure it’s clear that you are aware of this policy.

By completing your plan with the aforementioned info you should be able to send a viable appeal, and your Spanish selling account might be given a second chance!

Let us know how it goes!



Hi Figaro
I did as you suggested and submitted the POA - I have not even had a response from Amazon Spain seller performance team. Any messages I leave in tickets go unanswered.

As you know - this is causing issues with me being unable to re-enrol on the Brand Registry. Since any problem in any Amazon market renders this impossible.

We are in effect being hampered from protecting our trademarked products being misdescribed and in some circumstances one product being sold as another by a seller on Amazon for one late delivery and one defective product sent to Spain.

You will see from our UK figures on Amazon Central how many products we sell a year.

How do I completely opt out of Amazon Spain? There must be a way to do this surely??

Many thanks