"Defective" inventory was returned in perfect condition



Recently I’ve created a removal order of 150 units which were deemed to be unsellable on amazon (classed as defected). Having inspected these products there is no visible damage and the shrink wrap is still on the product meaning they haven’t even been opened. What’s even worse is they have now put a FNSKU sicker over my EAN barcode, meaning the product is now unsellable and I would need to remove the plastic shrink wrap.

Amazon has now just classed another 350 units as defective which I need to create a removal order for and will go out of stock as a result. I am sure that these products will also be returned in pristine condition.

When speaking to seller support, they will not provide any information regarding why they have been deemed as defective. Has anyone had a similar issue and know how to deal with it?

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Does it say why they were defective ?


Yes, we have a similar issue for one of our ASINs. Initially, we were told that the units don’t have transparency labels affixed (but they do), and now they are saying that the units do not have EU addresses.

On the same shipment we sent in our SKU 00300 that has the issue, we also sent in another ASIN which is the same product but a 160ml version of SKU 00300 (80ml), both of which have the same packaging with slight variances in terms of product size and SKU/bar code numbers. The SKU 00700 (160ml) has been fully received and is SELLABLE.

Other sellers are selling the exact same ASIN and packaging via FBA, so not sure why our units have been flagged up. We’ve escalated the issue with Seller support.


No, they are only saying that it is “DEFECTIVE”


What type of product are you selling?


Thank you, Was it seller support which gave you the information regarding why it was defective. I have asked why and they have asked which they responded with the below:

Units may be marked Defective for a number of reasons – in some cases such as Recalls. Once units are in Defective status, sellers have the ability to remove them from the FC.

We wouldn’t cut a bin check as FCs can’t provide more details than the notifications seller received.

We would not be able to perform a check for the units in Fulfilment Centre as Amazon may provide Bin Check if the request relates to:

  • Due to an order where the buyer stated they had an issue with the item they received (wrong color, type, etc.).
  • Moving inventory to a different ASIN/FNSKU,
  • Investigate labeling or prep issues for a FNSKU set to Amazon labeling or prep service,

Please create a removal order and you will have 30 days after receiving the unit to submit an appeal.

After receiving units from removal order if you found that the items does not have any defect then you can claim reimbursement for the same.



You have the option to file a Sate-T claim?



We initially received the following email notification

I queried this with seller support because I took a photo of the shipment we were sending which shows these units have transparency labels affixed to them.

Seller support then replied saying

Also, middle of January 2023 we sent via FBA 10 x this same SKU 00300 which they are saying has compliance issue, all which which were fully received and sold without issue.

The support case is still open and under internal investigation. No doubt I will get another generic response. But I’m sure not to let the case close, and message them every day asking for an update.


there have been a couple of other threads in the last few months where there have been issues with transparency codes


Thanks for the detailed response.

I have not received any comms as to why the inventory was deemed unfulfillable so it’s difficult to make a case. On my most recent shipment, I sent 6 boxes of 350 units and only one of these boxes has been deemed defective.

I will try opening another case and hope I don’t get another generic response.


I’m getting nowhere with seller support, do you think it would be beneficial to email managingdirector@amazon.co.uk ?


I just had this on 2 of my SKU’s also, and on stock shipped into FC for UK FBA. All I can get from SS is defective status, even though I am asking them for a reason why they are deemed defective, same as you.

I just emailed managing director on another issue so am holding this back for now. Always beneficial to email them if you’re getting nowhere with SS.

let us know how you get on. Cheers.