Defective Units in FBA


I have sent my stock to amazon and they are completely fine, they sell for a couple of days but turn ‘unfulfillable’ defective after a few days of selling. All of the stock I send in sells for a couple of days and then turns defective after. I have opened many cases to find out the reason but it has been a week or 2 with no proper response. My listing is still active but says 0 stock. Anyone know what the issue might be? The details of the item in the listing are completely accurate as well.


Any chance that the product has had a recall, or that a similar product / different batch has been recalled? Any claims made within the listing that could be doubted?

Amazon gives a pretty tight definition of “defective” so in theory there can only be a few things it should be.


Nothing has been recalled and the product we are selling is private label, of our own brand. We have checked many times for anything that could be doubted in the listing and changed it but still no difference.


What is the product ? Is it fragile - a blusher etc that could’ve broken up on a drop test ?


Its some stainless steel goods in a box which isn’t fragile. It wouldn’t have an effect if it was dropped with force

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