Definition of placements/targeting wrong?


As per this article by Amazon: it states that Close Match and Loose Match Auto campaigns are for for setting seperate bids for search results which makes sense. Substitutes and complements are for product detail pages which also makes sense.
When I count my Impressions for a portfolio it states a total of 318.000 impressions. A subset of these are divided into Loose match and Close match: 170.000. The remaining 148.000 is Substistutes or complements.

So far so god. BUT when I check for the placement affect it get’s scewed up. Per this article: I can select “Top of Search” or “Rest of Search”. These two account for a total of 43.000 impressions and “Product pages” account for 275.000.
This is contradictory: How can one view of the data state that my impressions on search pages be 43.000 and the other 170.000? And when I look at my performance on Product pages it totals 148.000 vs. 275.000?

How is this possible?
Hope you can clarify!
Thanks in advance!

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