Delayed deliveries by Hermes


Delayed deliveries by hermes is causing negative feedbacks and A to Z claims from customers. inturn increasing the ODR and putting account at risk. How to solve the issues on effected existing orders as shipment went out on time.


There is not much you can do about existing orders you just have to work these through as issues are raised.

If you have brought using buy shipping you should appeal the A-Z and negative feedback defects as they should be removed. If brought outside of Amazon you are unlikely to get the defects removed.

For future orders you can look at

  1. Use a EVRI SSA shipping template . This gives you some protection as issues with delivery performance are not deemed to be your fault and shouldn’t impact your metrics.
  2. Use Buy Shipping from Amazon to buy your EVRI shipping labels. This gives you protection against your metrics for any issues with delivery performance
  3. If you don’t use a SSA shipping template increase your shipping times.
  4. Use a different provider for shipping your parcels.

Do you also know where the delays are occurring. I know in some areas there are issues with collections not happening.

I only send a handful of parcels via EVRI this time of year and I haven’t noticed any real issues. I have had parcels delivered in 1-3 days.


I use Evri a lot and have had no issues since before Christmas. The delay is possibly therefore being caused by your local delivery depot or at your drop off point if being dropped off. I avoid lockers as they are often not emptied if collection vans are full. Only one shop locally to me is almost 100% guaranteed to be collected every day Mon-Sat whereas others are not. The norm with Evri is delivery within 1-3 days as stated above.


Hey @AMZValued,

I recommend that you follow @Smiley_Guy’ s advice, by the way, have you already appealed against the A-Z claims?