Delays at BHX4/UPS Storage


What’s the current wait time for BHX4? Am waiting on 3 different pallet shipments to be checked in. The first was delivered to the UPS offsite yard on 23/7.

How long has everyone else had to wait?

Are non-pallet deliveries getting checked in quicker?


Longest yet for me is a couple of pallets that arrived into BHX4 on the 10th July, they still show as ‘in transit’, they aren’t. So just over 3 weeks, so far.
I can’t comment on parcels.


That’s brutal, If there are problems with taking stock in, they could at least communicate with us. It really makes it hard to forecast and plan, aside from the lost the sales.


Still waiting for my 3 pallet (23 pallets in total) shipments to be checked in. However yesterday I created and sent a 10 box shipment to BHX4 via UPS Parcel service and this has been picked up, delivered, checked in and recieved in full within 22 hours. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen. I’m delighted, but really frustrated at the same time.